28 January 2016

Marble nails


I am so excited to show you today's nail art! Ever since the saran wrap technique became a thing, I've wanted to try it. Then people started using this technique for stone marble nails. That's the moment I knew I had to try it no matter what. It's been a long time since that happened so yesterday after my last exam (finally!) I gave it a try. Aaaand.... I LOVED IT!

I'm a huge marble fan so this was obviously going to be a hit. ;) I was so happy with the result although I know now what I can improve. Thus there will be more marble nails to come on this blog. That's for sure!

For the design I watched I youtube tutorial by It's Linamar. I chose this one, because she only uses the saran wrap technique and nothing else.
The base white nail polish is O.P.I. Alpine Snow. Just like in the tutorial I used two shades of grey. The light one is Essence Sunny London and the other one is Winter by Picture Polish. (Review is coming really soon, I promise!) This last polish has holo glitters in it, but they are not visible when using this technique. Although it gives an extra effect on the marble, which I like a lot.

I also tried it matte, of course. Both shiny and matte look amazing! I really can't take my eyes of my hands. I'm so proud of them!
The biggest improvement I'll have to make in the future is to dab the saran wrap less hard. As you can see the 'marble' looks dark now. It can be lighter, if I dab less hard next time.

I really hope you like these nails as much as I do! Have a nice day and see you soon!

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