16 February 2016

Newbies: Must-have copper polish


I'm back with a quick review of a polish I love so so much! I'm talking about Essie's Leggy Legends. This copper polish is perfect for every occasion.

I've used it a lot since I bought it. Here are some of the nail art designs which I made with Leggy Legends:
Copper and Black
In between the lines
and there are 2 more designs coming!

What do I think of this polish? Well, first of all it's opaque. Two coats assure full coverage. Secondly, this metallic polish is so trendy at the moment! Everyone wants copper nails, believe me. It's subtle and classy at the same time. An absolute must-have!

I've also tried it on my toes which also looks stunning! I will try it again in the summer when I can wear open shoes. ;) That way I would fully enjoy!

Are you convinced now that you should own a copper polish?

2 February 2016

Little star


Simple nail art on nude polishes is really popular at the moment. I'm a huge fan myself, because it's perfect for every occasion. If it's good on a fashion show, why not try it as a daily look?
In the first year of my blog I bought a little nail art kit by Bourjois with some stickers and decals. I haven't used them since, but today I will show you a cute and simple design with one of the stickers.

28 January 2016

Marble nails


I am so excited to show you today's nail art! Ever since the saran wrap technique became a thing, I've wanted to try it. Then people started using this technique for stone marble nails. That's the moment I knew I had to try it no matter what. It's been a long time since that happened so yesterday after my last exam (finally!) I gave it a try. Aaaand.... I LOVED IT!

25 January 2016

BPS review: Black and white stamping polish


I've missed you all so much! I'm so happy that my exams are (almost) over and my free time is coming back. I have great ideas for posts (spoiler alert: not only nail art!) and I can't wait to share it with you all!
I have some new nail polishes to review, but for today I decided to show some new nail art combined with a Born Pretty Store review. The item I will be showing you today is stamping polish!

4 January 2016

BPS review: Christmas and snowflake themed stamping plate

Happy New Year, dear readers!

2016 started 4 days ago, so it was about time I posted something new on this blog. Before I start the review, I would like to wish you all a very happy, healthy and unforgettable 2016!

Remember my design for Christmas? The one with the trees? Or the snowflakes before that? Both designs were done with the stamping plate I'll review today!

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