27 September 2015

Colour blocking my way through autumn


I haven't been very active on my blog the last few weeks... I guess I owe you all an explanation. September was a very busy month for me. I went on some trips and there were some unexpected events. On top of all, my first week in university just finished. It was both great and exhausting! I'm still figuring everything out, so it will take me some time to adjust to this situation and to find more time for my blog. I hope it will all happen fast, though!

Nevertheless, I have some nail art waiting for you. As you all know autumn has already started, therefore I wanted to make a design to celebrate that. What better way than trying a new technique? Colour blocking is quite popular and, to be honest, not at all difficult. The only thing holding me back from trying was the use of striping tape. It has definitely not been my best friend! This time I gave it another chance by being very, I repeat, very patient. Let's have a look at the result.

20 September 2015

BPS review: stamper + plastic scraper


Remember this nail art?

Well, today you'll read the second part of my review. This time it's about this stamper and scraper set of Born Pretty Store.The set is so small you can take it everywhere with you! That's a great advantage.

14 September 2015

BPS review: stamping plate BP-75


Recently I tried stamping for the second time. However, I started this time by practicing it first on paper. That way I knew how to transfer it properly on my nail. The nail art I made will be in this post and the next one as I will be reviewing the stamper and the stamping plate. Part one will be the stamping plate.

I'll be reviewing a stamping plate by Born Pretty Store with the number BP-75. As you can see on the picture above, there are birds and feather patterns on this plate. There's also a dragon, which is a bit out of context if you ask me! Here's the link to the site where you can buy this plate.

7 September 2015

An amazing out of the world nail design


I have a pretty amazing nail design waiting for you. It's the most recent nail art I've done. I just couldn't wait to show it to you, that's how much I love it! As the title may suggest I did some galaxy nails. Only this time I added something on top that just makes my nails so much more awesome, namely nail tattoos. I'm not talking about some random nail tattoos that I bought from some random store. I'm talking about the one and only nail tattoos made by Fatjunkie nail art! In the mid of July she hosted a giveaway in which you could win all four collections. I entered on Instagram with a little bit of hope... and WON!!!! I was so surprised when I got the message that I had won. It was the first time ever I won something like that. It certainly made my day!

3 September 2015

Ocean skittle mani

Hello all!

September started three days ago, so I got a bit nostalgic about all my oceanic destinations this summer. Nevertheless, my vacation still isn't over. As I'm starting in university this year, my vacation will last until the 21st of September! Yay! There are some trips planned until then, but nothing on the seacoast...
However, let's focus on the nails now. I made a skittle mani. It has nothing to do with an ocean, but because of the colours I am reminded of it.

I combined my Essie Mint Candy Apple with my flakes polish from & Other Stories. As you can see the flakes are very dense all thanks to the sponging technique I used. If you dab your flakes onto your nails, it will have more coverage. I guess I had to repeat this three times in order to get this result.
Then there's the striping tape. Well, it's the first time I've actually used it as part of the nail art.

I am a huge fan of this kind of mani. It's so versatile. I'm definitely going to make something similar soon! It's much more fun to combine different looks than making them all the same. This way every nail is an accent nail! Do you agree?

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