31 July 2015

Newbies: 5x Rimmel London perfection


I know I posted yesterday, but I have to make up for the many silences over the past 2 months! :) And... starting from Monday I will be gone (again) so there will be a long silence on the blog. It will last for 2 weeks this time... I'm sorry that you'll have to miss me! ;)

Enough pity talk. Let's focus on the main subject of this post: new polishes! Yay! I haven't bought new polishes for a very long time now and so I just used the opportunity to buy 5 new ones when I was on a vacation.

They are all from Rimmel London as you can see. Before I start the individual reviews I want to say that they are all flawless! Just perfect!

First up we have Darling you are fabulous.

This gold polish is magnificent. You have full coverage with only one layer. However I did two just to be sure. ;) I wore this polish for one week with no chips at all. No kidding! This is very surprising as I was at the beach and went in the water all the time. I really love this one and it's a great replacement for the golden polish I had (Goldbusters by Catrice).

This polish is called Instyle Coral. As the name suggests this is a coral polish. What you see is two coats. Again I have no remarks at all.

Next we have a bright blue polish called Loafer Love for you. I really like this colour because it's unlike everything that I have. This is two coats.

You may not see it on this picture, but this polish Rita Rouge is actually a deep brown/red colour. Again I used two coats for full coverage.

Last, but not least is this silver polish with the name Your Majesty. I desparately wanted a new silver polish and this is the best replacement ever! I love it so much. What you see is two coats, although one is fine too.

Overall, the formula of all the colours is amazing. They are all very opaque and easy to apply. The wide brush also makes it easier. That's why I love Rimmel London polishes! Are you also a fan of Rimmel London? Let me know what you think of these polishes! :)

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