7 July 2015

Newbie: O.P.I. Glitter off base coat


It's been a while since my last post. After graduation and and prom there was little time to get ready for my trips this summer. I had to pack my nail stuff so I couldn't paint my nails, unfortunately.

Do you remember that I bought a glitter off base coat? If you're following me on Instagram you've probably seen the picture. :) Well, I bought the one by O.P.I., but I use it for so much more. It's a great alternative for liquid palisade or liquid latex. In this post I'll show you all the things you can do using this wonderful base coat.

Let's start with the main purpose of the glitter off base coat: removing glitters easily! Ever since I bought this wonder product I've used it every time I did some nail art. The time I did glitter placement, I put this base coat first. Here's the post to this manicure. There was absolutely no problem removing it from my nail plate. I used an orange wood stick as you will see in the clip. I'm having some problems with uploading the video at the moment, so you should watch it on my Instagram account!
In the clip it's visible that you can remove it without a lot of effort. All you need is a stick to push it in the beginning. A little tip: wait long enough before taking it off. The longer you wait, the easier it will be to remove.

The second use of this base coat is the same as the liquid latex/palisade: around the nail. This use makes the clean  up around your nails so much easier after making a gradient or stamping or ... Instead of cleaning with acetone and making your skin dry, you just use this base coat and everything will be removed. This gradient was done using the glitter off base coat. Especially when using colours like red, blue or black this really helps a lot and saves a lot of clean up time. I'm very happy with this recent purchase!!! On the following picture you can see my nails painted in pearly white and a round my nails I've put this base coat. First it's white, but when its dry it becomes transparent, as you can see (or cannot see!). ;)

Overall, this product is a game changer! It's not a new invention, but it's definitely one you want and should have! If you're also a nail blogger you know that sometimes you remove the nail art immediately after taking pictures, so once you use this base coat, you won't use that much nail polish remover as before! Also, you're nail plate will stay healthier.

Wow, that was a long post! This will make up for all the post-less days! :)
Will you be buying a glitter off base coat?

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