30 June 2015

Twisted French


The past couple of days have been very busy. I've had my graduation and prom and everything and I had no time for my blog... Luckily all of this is over now and the real vacation can finally start.
The design I'm going to show you today, is made when I didn't have a lot of inspiration. I just started and added this and that while doing it. Eventually I stopped when I achieved this look:

I really like the pastel colours. It gives me a good and happy summer feeling. Can you feel it too?

Overall, it was easy to make. The only special tool I used was a this striping brush for the white lines.

Would you try something similar? Let me know!

25 June 2015

Summer vibes

Hey there!

It's really warm at the moment, so I'm definitely feeling those summer vibes. With this nail art design I wanted to use some bright and happy colours combined with a chevron pattern. Everything is done free hand of course. Enjoy!

It's simple and perfect for summer, therefore you should give it a go! :)
Here's a solo shot of the gradient because I loved it a lot!

What do you think? Are you feeling the summer vibes already?

22 June 2015

"Easy" glitter placement

Hellooo ladies!

I'm in a very good mood today, no matter the rainy weather. The reason for my happy day is that I finished my exams! Yaaaay! Oh, you can't imagine how relieved I was when it was done. It was my last exam ever in high school. Just a few more days and I will have my graduation ceremony and, of course, prom!!! More on that later on. :)

After a week of silence you definitely deserve some nice nail art. I had a little time during the exams and so I came up with something simple. I wanted to try some glitter placement.

It was "easy" because there's not much to it, however, it took me quite some time... Sometimes the glitters didn't stick or fell of or... It wasn't very fun to do. Nevertheless, I like the result. It's a very good idea if you want a casual accent nail.

Here's one more picture taken in the sun, so you can see the glitters better.

Do you fancy glitters? Let me know! :)

12 June 2015

A girls best friend


Did you miss me? I sure did miss you all. I've been studying for my exams and every day I was so tired that I wasn't in the mood to post some new nail art. Sorry for that. It's Friday so I won't be studying today. I really need to take a pause!

I'm going to show you a diamond nail design which I made two weeks ago. Hope you like it!

Diamonds are really popular in the nail art world so that's why I decided to give it a try. I'm happy with the result, although it's not completely realistic. Nevertheless, I'm a fan!

Oh, by the way I used my glitter peel off base coat for this design. I can tell you I love it a lot. More will come in the post dedicated to this base coat!

What do you think? Do you also fancy diamonds like me? ;)

p.s.:I still have one week to go till the end of my exams so don't be disappointed if you don't hear from me!

2 June 2015

Orchids or Pansies?


Before I share another design with you I have to tell you something new. You may have noticed that there is a discount code for Born Pretty Store on the sidebar. Well, from this moment on you can use this code NFQ10 to get a 10 % discount on your order. I really hope you try it! :)

Now, let's see some new nail art. For today I made a floral design inspired by one of the favourite flowers of my mother. In our house we have at least 3 orchids! I have to confess, I also like them a lot.

An orchid looks a lot more complex than this little thingy on my nails. However, it is a simpler version I saw on Blog Nailed It! Now on this tutorial you will see it's for pansy flowers! Hm, I guess I'm not that good at recognizing simpler versions of flowers. I was really convinced these were orchids, though... It all looks the same to me! ;)

So what do you think of these pansy/orchid nails? ;)

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