13 May 2015

Follow your dreams


Today I'll share some dream catchers inspired nail art. I always liked to do so, but there was always something stopping me. When I first started with nail art, dream catchers seemed too difficult to do. Later on I was worried that I wouldn't make nice feathers. Today there's nothing stopping me anymore. I was ready to accept challenging myself. It turned out to be quite easy. After all there's nothing you can do wrong. Do you want to see the nail art? Well, here it is!

I did them on a nude background ( looks like it's on my bare nails, right? ). With a black nail art pen I drew the dream catcher including the feathers. Then I added some dots in three different colours and I went over the feathers with gold.

If you ever wanted to make dream catcher nails, don't hold back. Just follow your dreams! ;)


  1. These are SO pretty!! I love the blue colours you picked and the gold feathers are stunning! <3

    1. Thank you! I didn't want it to be too colourful so I just picked one colour and used different shades of it. And yes the gold! I love that gold so much! :)


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