30 April 2015

The Polished Bookworms - April

Hello there,

It's been ages! I really needed some time off with all that schoolwork. It's been very crazy! Now I'm back and I have a couple of posts ready for you.
Sunday I missed the second prompt in the nerd-geek challenge, however, I will post it this Sunday, don't worry! ;)

As it's the last day of April it's time for a new Polished Bookworms design. This month's read was The hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy. It's a very thin, but strange book, in my opinion. I still haven't finished it fully, because I just received it from a friend. I will finish it, though. The cover of this book inspired me for my nail design. As you can guess it has to do with galaxies. Therefore I decided to make some matte galaxy nails because it's been a long time since I last did that. Let's have a look!

I'm so in love with this look! The matte looks great on a galaxy design. And that background colour... I used a metallic black and it just fits perfectly! All the other colours I used were blue or purple. I don't think it needs more colours, otherwise it would be too much!

Here you can see all those colours and layering.

I'm so happy with this result. I should definitely do more galaxies. It's so much fun! What do you think?

23 April 2015

Easy colourful nails for spring


Due to some problems with the internet yesterday, I wasn't able to post this then.
Today's nail art is so easy and simple you should try it right away! ;) It took me half an hour, really.

How fun is this look? It's so fresh and bright and everything you expect of spring. The negative space makes it even more 'open' and creative.

All you need to do to get this look is choose some colours and put random spots on your nail. Then you use acetone to make the negative space. Finally you use a nail art pen or striper brush for the white lines. This makes the negative space pop out even more.

Are you a fan of this abstract look for spring? :) I know I am!

19 April 2015

Cath Kidston nails


Today's nail art is something I really adore. Since the start of my blog, I've wanted to make a design inspired by a Cath Kidston floral pattern. I have a washbag and tea cup with this pattern. It's so cute and lovely!

I've made some collages with the lots of pictures I took. Here's nr.1!

This time I decided to make show you the polishes I used for this design. Only I didn't want to just show you the polishes. Therefore I came up with a composition of the polishes, the washbag and paper flowers as decoration.

Are you a fan of Cath Kidston? And what do you think of my collages? Should I keep adding polish compositions in the future? :)

17 April 2015

Late spring arrival


I haven't showed you a spring mani yet this year, although I had one prepared! Shame on me! So, here I am, posting something that was planned for almost 4 weeks ago... Nevertheless, it's still not too late, as spring isn't over and this mani is quite universal. The pictures were taken outside on the first real sunny day in March.

What I did was put a lot of random pastel colours on a sponge and dab it on the tips of my nails. I had put a tape on the other half. After adding the top coat all the colours sort of 'moved' and that's why you can see a white border. That wasn't planned... Lastly I made a finishing touch with a square rhinestone.

When looking at these nails, I think of sunny times because of the light pastel colours. After all it's not so terrible that I forgot to post it at the beginning of spring as it isn't representative.

Do you associate this mani with spring/summer?

14 April 2015

Social media nails for my second blogiversary

Hi all!

As promised I made a special nail art design for my second blogiversary! Last year I recreated (and updated) my blog background. This year I decided to make something else that's also blog related. Therefore I came up with a social media design. On every nail there's another logo of a social medium on which you can follow me. So in a way it's also a reminder that you can follow me on several social media. Let's take a look!

I must admit I'm very proud of this look. I wasn't sure how hard it would be, especially Instagram's logo is not so simple.

If you want to stay up to date and always know when I've made new nail art you can follow me on
and of course, Blogger. :)

12 April 2015

Nerd-Geek Challenge: Character


I'm participating in a challenge hosted by Roaring Nails and FrankieHuntersNails. As the name suggests it's a nerdy challenge. They both like Sci-Fi and Fantasy so they decided to make this challenge. Now, I'm not a huge fan of Sci-Fi and Fantasy, but I thought it would be fun to participate. However, here's my first nail design which had to be inspired by a character!

I hope you recognize it. I tried to create a desert scenery on which you see R2D2 and C3PO from Star Wars.

I'm very happy with R2D2, but C3PO was a bit of a challenge. Nevertheless, It's a nice result in my opinion.
Now you may notice that this isn't one character. Well, I agree but I just couldn't choose! They're inseparable, so it was obvious for me to take them as one. :)

So, what do you think? Are you also participating in this challenge?

9 April 2015

2 years blogiversary!

Hi there,

Do you know what day it is? Yes, it's my second blogiversary! :) I can't believe it's been that long since my first post. I can still remember how it went those days. My nail art knowledge was very little not to say almost none... Although I say it myself, I think I have made a great progress, but there's still some improving to do! ;)
This week I'm on a ski holiday and before we came here I had prepared some posts. However, I totally forgot it was the second anniversary of this blog. It's really strange I forgot! Once I remembered, it was too late to make some special nail art to celebrate. Nevertheless, I have some new nail art for you today and I promise I'll make something special in the next week. I have a two weeks spring break so I'll definitely have some time for that! ;)
Today's design is something you have been seeing a lot lately. I'm talking about blobbicures! It's such a fun technique so I had to give it a try and I'm very satisfied with the result. See for yourself!

As you can see, it's very cool! And unique! Here's a close-up:

This look reminds me of the shell of a turtle, of course not with these colours! ;)
Have you tried this technique yet? If not, you should definitely give it a try!

5 April 2015

Happy Easter!

Hi all,

Although it's 9 o'clock in the evening, I wish you happy Easter! For this holiday I made a very cute design I really love a lot!

Those bunnies are the cutest! They are inspired by @ane_li on Instagram. I combined them with some Easter patterns.
I still have this nail art on my nails and just can't stop looking at my nails! So cute!!!

Here are some close-up for you to admire! :)

Do you think these are the cutest Easter nails ever? Have a nice day and see you soon! ;)

3 April 2015

Follow Friday: Blog Nailed It!


It's been ages since my last Follow Friday-post! It was about time I started again regularly. I'm planning on doing this every first Friday of the month.
In case you missed the last one, it was about Cutepolish. Today's blogger you should know and follow is Katy from Blog Nailed It!

About the blog(ger)
As I just said Katy is the girl behind those beautiful nail designs. She started her blog in 2011 and has been very active ever since. I discovered her blog in 2012 and have always admired her neat nail shape and creative nail art. Blog Nailed It was definitely a stimulant for starting my own blog. Actually, I've already made a recreation before. Last summer I made these ice cream nails. For the original post click here.

My favourite designs
Freehand flora design - It's so precisely done you could think it's stamped.
Mistletoe - I know it's not Christmas time, but I just had to include it.
Diamonds - Sparkling diamonds say it all...
Plaid - This design is perfect for Spring/Summer.
Neon leopard gradient - Great combo!

My recreation
Amongst all those spectacular designs is one that caught my eye since the very beginning. I even dare to claim it's the one design that made me discover Blog Nailed It! I'm talking about the pop corn nails. It dates back to 16 January 2012, which happens to be my birthday! :) I really just found out while searching for the post. Haha, this actually makes my day! However, I've said enough. Let's admire the nail art!


Such a lovely design! You should definitely try it when going to the cinema or a movie night. ;)
What do you think? Are you also a big fan of Blog Nailed It?

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