10 February 2015

Drop it like a snowdrop!

Hello there,

It's that time of year when the first flowers start to bloom. One of those pretty little flowers is the snowdrop. I love how delicate and beautiful they are. There's a park in my city where there are lots of snowdrops and every year it's such a magical scenery! This year, though, there aren't much yet so I was feeling very nostalgic when I did these nails. Let's have a look!

The base colour is a new polish that I bought a week or so ago. There will be a swatch, of course! :) The flowers are done with acrylic paint.
While painting my thumb I was filming the process. This was the first time ever I filmed my work! I'm just getting into it, so no video tutorials yet on my blog. However, I'm planning to do it more often in the future. First I have to get used to it. There's just so much I'll have to learn first. How to place my hand, my camera, how to edit,... It's a long process!

In the meantime, here's close-up of the nail art.

What do you think of my nail art? And what about making movie tutorials? Share your thoughts and advice with me! :)


  1. Ah cute!! I haven't seen any flowers yet, but I really want to because that means it getting warmer!! :D I love how you painted these flowers, and I like that you picked flowers that don't get used in nail art very often :) (also: very pretty base colour!)

    1. Oh, thank you, Robin! :) Yeah the snowdrop really is sort of unpopular for nail art! And for the base colour you should wait until my newbies-post for the swatch! (I can tell you it's from Park Avenue).


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