28 February 2015

The Polished Bookworms - February

Hi there!

It's that time of the month again. On the last day of every month I'll share my nail design for The Polished Bookworms. In February we read The maze runner by James Dashner. Again I had little time to make a matching nail design, so I went for a simple and basic one. Believe it or not, but I really didn't have any inspiration.

What I did is a black and white maze on my nails. Very simple, indeed.
Before I did this I had another idea in my head. I was searching on the web for some inspiration and came across this picture of the film. So I decided to make something similar on all my nails with acrylic paint. First I did my thumb. Here's a picture.

I bet you wouldn't recognize it without my explanation. I really love how it looks. it's very special, but it's not recognizable, at all! That''s why in the end I did something much easier on the rest of my nails...

Do you think I should have made them all like my thumb? Let me know!

23 February 2015

Days Without Meat: Pineapple nails

Hi everyone!

I've started a new series on my blog called Days Without Meat. It's inspired by the Belgian organization Dagen zonder vlees. Their aim is to make people eat less meat and fish in order to minimize their ecological footprint. It started last Wednesday and it lasts until Easter. Although, I would love to be vegetarian for 40 days, I know that I would never succeed. However, I am eating much less meat and fish since Wednesday and I'm going to keep it that way at least until Easter. :)

So what does this have to do with my blog and nail art? Well, not much really. This initiative sounds very attractive to me and I felt like I needed to share this with the world, to make more people aware of their eating habits. What better way to do so than making some nail art, right? ;) My aim is to make one nail design a week related to this theme. There will be a lot of fruit, vegetables and other healthy food! For today I decided to make some pineapples. It's not my favourite fruit, but I really love how pineapples' look and they're just perfect for nail art! Let's have a look!

19 February 2015

Reversed gradient


You've probably seen this technique many times on Tumblr, Instagram, etc. Every time I came across nail art using reversed gradients I wanted to know how exactly they did it. One day I found a tutorial, which I cannot remember anymore, of this technique. Since then it was stuck in my head and some weeks ago I gave it a try. Here's my result:

It's a very simple look although the process takes some time. First of all it's very important that the colours you choose are opaque. Secondly you should wait long enough for the first gradient to dry. Once you place the sticker or tape there's no way going back.

I used reinforcement rings to create this reversed gradient look. After removing the rings I had to make some adjustments as the border wasn't very clear. Oh and the clean-up also wasn't fun to do but that's normal for gradients. I really want to buy some liquid palisade or similar product in the future, because that will make everything much easier! :)

I guess that's it for today. I'm happy I finally tried this technique and I'll be trying it more in the future! Are you a fan of this interesting gradient look?

14 February 2015

A heart for your Valentine!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

No matter if you're single or not, celebrating or just having a normal day, you can always have some hearts on your nails. I have to admit that the reason why I haven't posted any Valentine's designs this year is because of my lack of inspiration. This is really the most difficult theme for me! After some brainstorming I came up with this design.

First I made a gradient with red and coral, which is new. Then I used acrylic paint for all the hearts.
On the next picture you can see the three types of hearts that I drew.

Well, that's it for today! :) Enjoy it!

10 February 2015

Drop it like a snowdrop!

Hello there,

It's that time of year when the first flowers start to bloom. One of those pretty little flowers is the snowdrop. I love how delicate and beautiful they are. There's a park in my city where there are lots of snowdrops and every year it's such a magical scenery! This year, though, there aren't much yet so I was feeling very nostalgic when I did these nails. Let's have a look!

The base colour is a new polish that I bought a week or so ago. There will be a swatch, of course! :) The flowers are done with acrylic paint.
While painting my thumb I was filming the process. This was the first time ever I filmed my work! I'm just getting into it, so no video tutorials yet on my blog. However, I'm planning to do it more often in the future. First I have to get used to it. There's just so much I'll have to learn first. How to place my hand, my camera, how to edit,... It's a long process!

In the meantime, here's close-up of the nail art.

What do you think of my nail art? And what about making movie tutorials? Share your thoughts and advice with me! :)

8 February 2015

French manicure: glitter vs. holo


Who's in for some French manicure? If you love purple and glitter this one's for you!
Remember the polish by Maxfactor I swatched some time ago? I'm talking about Fantasy Fire. Back then I was a bit disappointed by it's formula, but now I have tried some different designs with it and am really starting to appreciate it. The thing I did first was a French manicure. Very classic and simple.

Fantasy Fire is very shine-y and transparent so I chose a dark creme polish like this one by Rimmel London called Midnight Rendezvous . The finishing touch was of course the glitter in between. It's the same glitter I showed for New Year's Eve. Only this time I didn't pour the whole pot onto my nail. No, I used an orange stick to place it one by one. You must think it's a lot of work, though. Well, I'll tell you it wasn't easy to just take one glitter at a time, but it did go extremely fast. In my opinion this glitter looks much better this way than pouring it onto your nail.

Here's a close-up:

You can also see all the different colours in the holographic Fantasy Fire.

Well, that's it, I guess. Would you try this combination?

4 February 2015

Cute polka dots and bows


I have a very cute nail design for you today! :) Combining polka dots and bows is just a must if you want to make something very pretty and cute, of course. On top of that it's very easy to do. Observe:

It's so subtle and lovely! I can't stop admiring it, although my bows didn't come out that well.

The polishes I used are Essie-Mint candy apple, Catrice-Goldbusters and Barry M's black nail art pen. 

Well, what do you think? Cute or not?

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