31 January 2015

The Polished Bookworms - January

Hi all!

I have a surprise for you today! :)
At the beginning of this year I joined a new group on Facebook called the Polished Bookworms. It's a group for book and nail lovers. To be honest, I'm not much of a reader, moreover, I would like to read more, but I don't have the time. That's why I decided to join this group. We'll see how it goes!
The concept of this group is to read a book every month and at the end of the month we discuss it and share our nail art inspired by the book. As today's the last day of January, I'm going to share my nail art inspired by this month's read, namely Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty. Again I should confess that I didn't finish the book... It's not a great start, I know! I just had no time at all. I had so much to do for school and outside school. January really was a hell of a month! Also, this isn't really my type of book so it was hard for me to begin. Once I started it, I couldn't really stop, however, it's not finished yet. ( I will definitely finish it, though!)
Enough talking, let's see the mani!

I went with a simple mani as I had no inspiration.
The books about a murder which took place during the trivia night at the kids' school. Therefore I chose to make this wordy nail art with dripping blood (in case you didn't recognize it).

On my thumb, I just wrote the title of the book, nothing special.

Have you ever read this book? What do you think of my nail art? Let me know!
Are you a bookworm who loves nail art? Make sure to become a member then! In February we'll read the Maze Runner! :)

If you want to see the nail art of the other members:

27 January 2015

Chevron x gradient


I have some new nail art for you. I was inspired by Blingfinger for this cool geometric pattern. :)
I did change some things. For instance I made a red gradient instead of green and I didn't change the the triangles much. Let's have a look.

I really love this pattern! It's very easy to do and the result is just amazing. All I used was a shadow brush for the red gradient and my black nail art pen. Here's one last picture for you to admire! ;)

So, what do you think?

24 January 2015

Newbies: Holiday shopping

Hey there!

How long has it been since my last Newbies-post? Too long! Well, today's post will make up for this. On top of that I have another one waiting (yes, I bought some new polishes!).
In today's post you'll see only two polishes. Here they are:

As you can see they're both special. The one on the left is a flaky polish and the other one is holographic.
Let's start with the left one. I bought this polish from & Other Stories. Do you know this store? It's a Swedish brand for clothes, accessories and make-up. Their style is very special and I just love how fancy the bottles for the nail polish look. :) This polish is called Arcade Fling. You've already seen this polish when I showed my birthday nails. On the picture below you'll see it again, but this time I did it as a gradient.

The colour combination is really nice. I have so many ideas for this flaky polish. :) I can't wait until I show you what I have in mind! The polish formula is also outstanding. This won't stay my only polish from & Other Stories for much longer.

Next we have Fantasy Fire by Maxfactor. I first saw this polish in this post from Roaring Nails. Magical indeed! However, when I tried it, I wasn't convinced. The problem is that this polish is very sheer.

This is 3 coats. Not really holographic, don't you think? Well, I did try it on top of black polish and you could only see the orange of it. Again disappointing! However, if Robin can get it so magical, I can too, so I'm very optimistic towards future nail art with this nail polish. At the moment I don't have any inspiration for this one. All ideas are more than welcome! :)

OK, this is it for today! Do you like my new polishes?

20 January 2015

Grid nails (and some doodles!)

Hello there!

In the past few weeks I've seen a lot of nail designs with grids. I instantly liked the idea of a transparent nude polish with a black grid. So I had to try it, of course.

Afterwards I added some doodles using the white nail art pen, which you can see here.

That's it for today! What do you think of these subtle and playful nails?

17 January 2015

18th birthday nails!

Hi all!

I had a very busy week and therefore I didn't have time to post any new nail art. I'm sorry!
On top of that, yesterday was my birthday! I turned 18! Yay! I've been waiting for this moment for such a long time and I still can't believe it already passed. Nevertheless, it was a wonderful and memorable day, for sure.
Thursday I had to paint my nails for this special occasion, but it was really bad timing. First of all I didn't have any inspiration and second of all there I had a tight schedule so the nail art had to be something simple and easy. Let's see what I did!


 So, I combined 3 polishes: a gold one, a teal one and flaky one (which is new!). I drew the number 18 with two sizes of dotting tools and on the thumb you can see a crown which I also made last year!

And here's a close-up of the dotticure!

That's it for today! :) Do you like my birthday nails?

11 January 2015

Newbies: decorating nail stencils

Hi there!

It's been a while since my last post, but I'm back with some new nail art!
A long time ago I showed you some nail stencils I had bought. At the time I didn't try them, therefore I thought it was about time I give it a try. Here's what I did!

And here's a picture of the stencils...

 ...with instructions on the back.

It's really easy to use and the effect is nice too. In case it runs out a bit, you can always correct it with a toothpick or small dotting tool. That's what I did on my thumb and middle finger. Here's one last picture of the design!

Well, what do you think? Do you like these stencils?

5 January 2015

Geometric mountains

Hello everyone,

So far 2015 hasn't been really nice to me when it comes to inspiration... :(
I have no nail arts I haven't showed you left in my folder, so I had no choice but make a new design. Yesterday I decided to make something, but I really had no inspiration. After I looked around in my likes on Tumblr, I came up with a geometric design. Geometry really is my thing right now. It's so cool and can be very easy.

I only used 2 polishes ( O.P.I.- Ski teal we drop and O.P.I.- Alpine snow), a black nail art pen by Barry M, a base coat and a matte top coat. The white 'mountains' were dome with the polish's brush, so you don't need a thin brush! OK, you may need some acetone to clean up when you're done, but that's really it.

As you can see I didn't wait long enough for the white polish to dry. When I drew the black lines, it dragged the white polish. Not a big problem, though.

It's so fascinating how simple and stylish it is!

Do you share my opinion?

2 January 2015

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

You have no idea how happy I am it's 2015. For some reason 2014 wasn't what I expected and I have this feeling that 2015 will be amazing (maybe it's because I'll be graduating from high school and starting university this year). However, I must admit 2014 was a wonderful year for my blog. Let's look back at my resolutions from last year. (stay tuned for some nail art and the top 15 of 2014!)

1. The first one was about the likes and followers on social media. Except for Facebook and Pinterest I have definitely accomplished my goals. Tumblr is growing even faster than I'd expected. My goal was 1000 and at the moment I have 1830 followers!
2. The next resolution was about the type of posts. Well, I must say that it's still mainly nail art, but there are some DIY once in a while. To be honest, I will keep it like this.
3. Next I talked about the regularity of my posts. I promised to post more often and I think it didn't change at all in 2014. Only in April I posted daily, because of the 31 day challenge. Then in September it was getting less, because I didn't have  camera. Overall, it was the same and again this will not change this year.
4. I can proudly say that this resolution became reality. :) As suggested I did a 31 day challenge in April and I also started Newbies in which I show you all my new polishes.
5.This one's about tutorials. Well, I guess I've made more tutorials on 2014, but still it's not monthly or weekly. Sometimes I make daily tutorials (like for 10 days of Halloween) and sometimes I make none for a whole month or longer. Nevertheless, I did found my way of showing tutorials to you. I learned how to make gifs in order to do so. So, I did accomplish some part of this resolution.
6. I didn't make a swatchbook this year and probably it won't be for 2015 neither. ;) That's me being realistic!
7. Unfortunately the last resolution also didn't become reality. Last year I was thinking about making a Twitter account, but it didn't happen. I have to admit I don't feel bad about this.

Well, these were last year's resolutions. This year I decided to not make any resolutions (so not only concerning the blog).  So, let's move on to the next part of this blog: my nails for NYE!

Some weeks ago I bought glitters. These are 3D flakes from Essence called I'm so dreamy. They come in a little jar with instructions.

Application wasn't difficult, but I must say it wasn't prefect. First of all you have to clean up after using them as they stick everywhere (under your nails, on the desk,...). Second of all I find that too much glitters stay on the nail It becomes too thick. In the instructions they say to use a wide brush to remove the excess flakes. I did that, but no flakes fell! I didn't know how long to wait, so the polish underneath the flakes moved as well (it had to be wet when applying the flakes).

You can see that the tips aren't covered and the black polish is very sheer on the tips. Finally it was like hell to get all those flakes back from the cap into the jar. Collecting them from my desk was necessary!

Overall, I didn't like working with these flakes and the result wasn't super amazing, but it looks really great on your nails and I would use the flakes for placement and not like this!

This post is getting very long! We have come to the last part of it, though. I'm talking about the top 15 of 2014! (I chose 15 nail designs because it's 2015. Only after I chose them I realised they are from 2014...) :)
Here they are!

Number one is in the top left corner and 15 is in the bottom right corner. So, there is a particular order. The top is based on their likes and shares and also how much I like them!

Phew, that's it! I guess this is a great start for 2015. I wish you all a very pleasant and polished 2015! See you in a couple of days!

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