25 December 2015

A wood of Christmas trees

Merry Christmas, dear readers!

It's that time of the year again. Everyone is celebrating, eating a lot and opening presents, including me. :)
My present to you is a new nail design. I used a new stamping plate (review is coming soon) and I have to say my stamping skills are getting better! See for yourself!

I made a sort of wood with Christmas trees only in it. The trees are in black and silver and grow in all directions. (Yes, stamping straight is very difficult! Maybe I should get myself a see-through stamper!) :D

Besides that, I added some glitters to make it sparkle even more.

Have a magical holiday, everyone!

18 December 2015

Is it winter yet?

Hello! Hello!

Some weeks ago I received some new products from the Born Pretty Store for review. I got two stamping plates, chevron tape and stamping polish. I wanted to try everything so badly and last week I finally did.
Although I won't review the things in this post, I will show you nail art done with my new stamping plate and polish. The plate was Christmas themed (BPL-032, by the way) and the image I used for this design was a snowflake pattern.


It's a bit weird for me to show you snowflakes as it's really hot here in Belgium for this time of year. Yesterday, for example, it was 14 degrees Celsius during the day! As a result of which I am totally not in Christmas/winter mood! On the other hand it doesn't really have to because at the moment my study/vacation started for my exams in January.

I really hope I will be able to post enough until the end the term, but I can't make that promise. If I do post, it will be something simple or a review of a polish. I hope you all stick around!

So tell me, what do you think of the snowflakes?

10 December 2015

Copper and black - a killer combination


I can't believe it's already December. The holidays are really getting closer, which means lots and lots of food, presents and parties! Today I will show you another easy and chic nail design with striping tape. Let's have a look!

It's a dark French manicure! Again I combined black nail polish and my new copper polish. Those two polishes make the perfect combination.

Do you like it? I sure do! ;)

30 November 2015

The Polished Bookworms - November

Hello again,

It's the last day of the month which means it's The Polished Bookworms time! I know I haven't done this in a very long time, but I was excited about this month's read so I decided to participate again.
The book we read was P. S. I love you by Cecelia Ahern. I can tell you know that I'm a big fan of the book, although there's something missing. Nevertheless, I like Cecelia's style, as I'm a huge fan of her other book Where rainbows end, better known as Love Rosie.

Besides reading the book, I had to make some nail art. It was difficult to choose something from the book. However, I ended up with a nail design inspired by my favourite scene in the book, namely the karaoke contest! I won't go into detail as I don't want to spoiler things. I will tell you Holly ( the protagonist who participated in the karaoke contest) is a terrible singer and hates karaoke. Therefore I made this nail art with a microphone and broken notes! :)

I added some holographic glitters top coat, which I bought recently. I'm planning on doing a review, but I can't say yet when. The grey background is the matte polish I reviewed a while ago in this post.

I have to admit, I'm pretty happy with this result. It's a pity the black nail art pen smudged when I added the top coat... oh well, not everything can be perfect!

Tell me now: are you a good singer or are you just like Holly? ;)

21 November 2015

Under my umbrella


The last few days have been very rainy over here, so I thought it was about time to make some umbrella inspired nails.
What I tried to do was, a cute pattern of umbrellas in cheerful colours.

I'm not very fond of the nails, really. Somehow, they didn't turn out as in my head. First I didn't want to post them, but then I decided to do it anyway as this blog should show all my nail art creations, the good and the bad.

Is it rainy where you live? Do you have an umbrella with bright colours or a neutral one? Mine is purple. :)

14 November 2015

Pray for Paris


I won't say much today. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves, because I'm so speechless after yesterday's events in Paris. If you want to know my opinion, read it on my Instagram.

13 November 2015

In between the lines


Quick post today, because it's getting late and I'm so tired! ;)
The ones who follow me on Instagram have already seen a sneak peek of the following manicure. Spoiler alert: it's with striping tape! Haha!
Today I bought two new polishes and I used one of them for today's nail art. I've wanted a copper nail polish for a very long time and today I came across Essie's Leggy Legends! Amazing polish!

Are you a copper-lover? Do you like the simple designs I'm posting a lot lately? Let me know, because your opinion matters to me! :)

7 November 2015

Ready for the festive season!


Do you realise there are only 7 weeks until Christmas? This means a lot of parties and dressing up. Which implies beautiful and chic nails, doesn't it? Don't worry, I have the right manicure for you! What do you think of a French manicure combined with the half moon trend?

Pretty awesome, right?
I found this glittery design on Pinterest which came from an article about anti-basic bridal nails (it's the fifth picture). I can assure you it's not only perfect for a wedding. It's also the best look you can get for any special occasion, like New Year's Eve! Is it too early to think about New Year's Eve?

This nail art can be done with any nude polish and glitter/metallic nail polish. As long as it complements your outfit, of course! ;)

Have a nice weekend and see you soon!

4 November 2015

Newbies: Autumn essentials

Hello again!

As promised, I have a review for you. You will see the nude polish Limo-scene by Essie and the grey one by Essence called Sunny London.

Let's start with Essie! AS mentioned in my previous post, I desperately wanted and needed a new nude polish. After seeing the new trends in Nail It! magazine I decided to search for the one which suits me best. Of course it wasn't easy to choose just one. Do you have any idea how many there are if you only look at the ones by Essie? Too many! :) Nevertheless, I made my choice and I'm happy with it. As you can see on the picture below this polish is not very transparent, but you can see through it. This is two coats. For the nail art in my previous post I put three coats for full coverage. So you can choose how you want it! In short: perfect for every occasion.

Next we have Essence's Sunny London. How perfect is that name, though? I really think it's hilarious, haha! :D
It's a grey polish with a matte finish. I absolutely love it! On the picture below you see how opaque two coats are. It's amazing! The last grey polish I had was anything but opaque (with two coats I mean).

Well, I guess that's it for today! Are you a fan of the nude nail art trend? Let me know! :)

2 November 2015

I'm back!

Hello there,

How are you all? Believe it or not, but I've missed you during this blog break in October. I'll tell you more about it first and then I'll show you a simple nail design.
So, why did I take a break, you ask? Well, if you've read all my posts from September, you've probably noticed that I was constantly apologizing for not posting anything for a week or so. Well, I was tired of doing so every time I posted something new. I knew it wouldn't change for at least a month or two. Starting university really changed a lot in my daily routine and extra activities. It's a whole new life as many of you probably know already. I just needed some time to get used to it all and that's why I decided to take a break from blogging and nail art for one month. Or at least most of the time. :) I did paint my nails and do my nail care routine once in a while, but nothing special or time consuming. I guess I'm ready to start again and I've planned lots of things so let's hope I can keep up with my plans! :)

I did the following design in October. After reading about the nude polishes trend in Nail It! magazine (Sept/Oct issue), I was in desperate need of a new nude. Therefore I bought a limo-scene by Essie. In the next post I will share my review.

27 September 2015

Colour blocking my way through autumn


I haven't been very active on my blog the last few weeks... I guess I owe you all an explanation. September was a very busy month for me. I went on some trips and there were some unexpected events. On top of all, my first week in university just finished. It was both great and exhausting! I'm still figuring everything out, so it will take me some time to adjust to this situation and to find more time for my blog. I hope it will all happen fast, though!

Nevertheless, I have some nail art waiting for you. As you all know autumn has already started, therefore I wanted to make a design to celebrate that. What better way than trying a new technique? Colour blocking is quite popular and, to be honest, not at all difficult. The only thing holding me back from trying was the use of striping tape. It has definitely not been my best friend! This time I gave it another chance by being very, I repeat, very patient. Let's have a look at the result.

20 September 2015

BPS review: stamper + plastic scraper


Remember this nail art?

Well, today you'll read the second part of my review. This time it's about this stamper and scraper set of Born Pretty Store.The set is so small you can take it everywhere with you! That's a great advantage.

14 September 2015

BPS review: stamping plate BP-75


Recently I tried stamping for the second time. However, I started this time by practicing it first on paper. That way I knew how to transfer it properly on my nail. The nail art I made will be in this post and the next one as I will be reviewing the stamper and the stamping plate. Part one will be the stamping plate.

I'll be reviewing a stamping plate by Born Pretty Store with the number BP-75. As you can see on the picture above, there are birds and feather patterns on this plate. There's also a dragon, which is a bit out of context if you ask me! Here's the link to the site where you can buy this plate.

7 September 2015

An amazing out of the world nail design


I have a pretty amazing nail design waiting for you. It's the most recent nail art I've done. I just couldn't wait to show it to you, that's how much I love it! As the title may suggest I did some galaxy nails. Only this time I added something on top that just makes my nails so much more awesome, namely nail tattoos. I'm not talking about some random nail tattoos that I bought from some random store. I'm talking about the one and only nail tattoos made by Fatjunkie nail art! In the mid of July she hosted a giveaway in which you could win all four collections. I entered on Instagram with a little bit of hope... and WON!!!! I was so surprised when I got the message that I had won. It was the first time ever I won something like that. It certainly made my day!

3 September 2015

Ocean skittle mani

Hello all!

September started three days ago, so I got a bit nostalgic about all my oceanic destinations this summer. Nevertheless, my vacation still isn't over. As I'm starting in university this year, my vacation will last until the 21st of September! Yay! There are some trips planned until then, but nothing on the seacoast...
However, let's focus on the nails now. I made a skittle mani. It has nothing to do with an ocean, but because of the colours I am reminded of it.

I combined my Essie Mint Candy Apple with my flakes polish from & Other Stories. As you can see the flakes are very dense all thanks to the sponging technique I used. If you dab your flakes onto your nails, it will have more coverage. I guess I had to repeat this three times in order to get this result.
Then there's the striping tape. Well, it's the first time I've actually used it as part of the nail art.

I am a huge fan of this kind of mani. It's so versatile. I'm definitely going to make something similar soon! It's much more fun to combine different looks than making them all the same. This way every nail is an accent nail! Do you agree?

28 August 2015

25 August 2015

BPS review: Hawaii nail art water decals

Hi there!

It's been a while since my last Born Pretty Store review, but I'm back with that! ;)

As the name of the post suggests, I will be reviewing these Hawaii nail art water decals.

There are palm trees, flamingos, a heart and the word 'aloha'.

23 August 2015

Distressed zig-zag


I have some nail art for you. Don't expect much as I came up with it when I had no inspiration at all... I wanted to use the dry brush technique, however, this time I had no background colour. I picked some random polishes and combined them all.

In my opinion it's too colourful for me. Nevertheless, I do like the black on top of it. I had to add something, but I wasn't sure what, so I went for these chevron-like lines.

That's it for today! I'll be back soon with some more nail art! ;)

17 August 2015

Tribal + sunset nails


I'm back home from my trip in Greece. Before I went there I made some nail designs that I can't wait to show you! Here we go!

31 July 2015

Newbies: 5x Rimmel London perfection


I know I posted yesterday, but I have to make up for the many silences over the past 2 months! :) And... starting from Monday I will be gone (again) so there will be a long silence on the blog. It will last for 2 weeks this time... I'm sorry that you'll have to miss me! ;)

Enough pity talk. Let's focus on the main subject of this post: new polishes! Yay! I haven't bought new polishes for a very long time now and so I just used the opportunity to buy 5 new ones when I was on a vacation.

They are all from Rimmel London as you can see. Before I start the individual reviews I want to say that they are all flawless! Just perfect!

30 July 2015

One stroke flowers


I want to post this awesome nail art before the day ends. :) I did these nails today and wanted to post them immediately. That's how much I like them! Hope you do too.

24 July 2015

BPS review: stamping plate BP-67

Hey there!

In this post you will get the second Born Pretty Store review! It's related to the previous one as the nail art is the same. This time the review will be about the stamping plate itself.

Before I start I want to remind you again that this was the FIRST time ever I did nail stamping. You can pretty much see that on this picture below.

The stamping plate I'm reviewing is BP-67.

18 July 2015

Guest post for Roaring Nails

Hi all!

Today's post is a guest post for Roaring Nails. If you want to read more about this sunset ocean design you should head over to her blog!

Hope you like it! :)

14 July 2015

BPS review: Double sided stamper & scraper


Starting from today you'll be seeing something new on my blog: reviews for Born Pretty Store. As you can see on the right side of my blog, there is a discount code for all my readers! If you use the code ' NFQ10' when checking out your purchase, you will get a 10% discount! Be sure to use it as much as you want.

Before starting the actual review I want to show you the nail art related to two of the future reviews.

You may be wondering now: is this stamped? Yes, it is!! This is my first mani ever done by using this popular technique called stamping. ;)

7 July 2015

Newbie: O.P.I. Glitter off base coat


It's been a while since my last post. After graduation and and prom there was little time to get ready for my trips this summer. I had to pack my nail stuff so I couldn't paint my nails, unfortunately.

Do you remember that I bought a glitter off base coat? If you're following me on Instagram you've probably seen the picture. :) Well, I bought the one by O.P.I., but I use it for so much more. It's a great alternative for liquid palisade or liquid latex. In this post I'll show you all the things you can do using this wonderful base coat.

Let's start with the main purpose of the glitter off base coat: removing glitters easily! Ever since I bought this wonder product I've used it every time I did some nail art. The time I did glitter placement, I put this base coat first. Here's the post to this manicure. There was absolutely no problem removing it from my nail plate. I used an orange wood stick as you will see in the clip. I'm having some problems with uploading the video at the moment, so you should watch it on my Instagram account!
In the clip it's visible that you can remove it without a lot of effort. All you need is a stick to push it in the beginning. A little tip: wait long enough before taking it off. The longer you wait, the easier it will be to remove.

The second use of this base coat is the same as the liquid latex/palisade: around the nail. This use makes the clean  up around your nails so much easier after making a gradient or stamping or ... Instead of cleaning with acetone and making your skin dry, you just use this base coat and everything will be removed. This gradient was done using the glitter off base coat. Especially when using colours like red, blue or black this really helps a lot and saves a lot of clean up time. I'm very happy with this recent purchase!!! On the following picture you can see my nails painted in pearly white and a round my nails I've put this base coat. First it's white, but when its dry it becomes transparent, as you can see (or cannot see!). ;)

Overall, this product is a game changer! It's not a new invention, but it's definitely one you want and should have! If you're also a nail blogger you know that sometimes you remove the nail art immediately after taking pictures, so once you use this base coat, you won't use that much nail polish remover as before! Also, you're nail plate will stay healthier.

Wow, that was a long post! This will make up for all the post-less days! :)
Will you be buying a glitter off base coat?

30 June 2015

Twisted French


The past couple of days have been very busy. I've had my graduation and prom and everything and I had no time for my blog... Luckily all of this is over now and the real vacation can finally start.
The design I'm going to show you today, is made when I didn't have a lot of inspiration. I just started and added this and that while doing it. Eventually I stopped when I achieved this look:

I really like the pastel colours. It gives me a good and happy summer feeling. Can you feel it too?

Overall, it was easy to make. The only special tool I used was a this striping brush for the white lines.

Would you try something similar? Let me know!

25 June 2015

Summer vibes

Hey there!

It's really warm at the moment, so I'm definitely feeling those summer vibes. With this nail art design I wanted to use some bright and happy colours combined with a chevron pattern. Everything is done free hand of course. Enjoy!

It's simple and perfect for summer, therefore you should give it a go! :)
Here's a solo shot of the gradient because I loved it a lot!

What do you think? Are you feeling the summer vibes already?

22 June 2015

"Easy" glitter placement

Hellooo ladies!

I'm in a very good mood today, no matter the rainy weather. The reason for my happy day is that I finished my exams! Yaaaay! Oh, you can't imagine how relieved I was when it was done. It was my last exam ever in high school. Just a few more days and I will have my graduation ceremony and, of course, prom!!! More on that later on. :)

After a week of silence you definitely deserve some nice nail art. I had a little time during the exams and so I came up with something simple. I wanted to try some glitter placement.

It was "easy" because there's not much to it, however, it took me quite some time... Sometimes the glitters didn't stick or fell of or... It wasn't very fun to do. Nevertheless, I like the result. It's a very good idea if you want a casual accent nail.

Here's one more picture taken in the sun, so you can see the glitters better.

Do you fancy glitters? Let me know! :)

12 June 2015

A girls best friend


Did you miss me? I sure did miss you all. I've been studying for my exams and every day I was so tired that I wasn't in the mood to post some new nail art. Sorry for that. It's Friday so I won't be studying today. I really need to take a pause!

I'm going to show you a diamond nail design which I made two weeks ago. Hope you like it!

Diamonds are really popular in the nail art world so that's why I decided to give it a try. I'm happy with the result, although it's not completely realistic. Nevertheless, I'm a fan!

Oh, by the way I used my glitter peel off base coat for this design. I can tell you I love it a lot. More will come in the post dedicated to this base coat!

What do you think? Do you also fancy diamonds like me? ;)

p.s.:I still have one week to go till the end of my exams so don't be disappointed if you don't hear from me!

2 June 2015

Orchids or Pansies?


Before I share another design with you I have to tell you something new. You may have noticed that there is a discount code for Born Pretty Store on the sidebar. Well, from this moment on you can use this code NFQ10 to get a 10 % discount on your order. I really hope you try it! :)

Now, let's see some new nail art. For today I made a floral design inspired by one of the favourite flowers of my mother. In our house we have at least 3 orchids! I have to confess, I also like them a lot.

An orchid looks a lot more complex than this little thingy on my nails. However, it is a simpler version I saw on Blog Nailed It! Now on this tutorial you will see it's for pansy flowers! Hm, I guess I'm not that good at recognizing simpler versions of flowers. I was really convinced these were orchids, though... It all looks the same to me! ;)

So what do you think of these pansy/orchid nails? ;)

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