29 December 2014

Tutorial for the blanket nails


There's no new nail art in today's post, but a tutorial for the blanket nails!

A lot of people asked for a tutorial so I decided to make this design again for the tutorial. I chose to make it the same way. Unfortunately, the result wasn't as good as the first try. However, that doesn't really matter for the steps. It's just for illustrating anyways.

These are the steps:
1. Paint your nails with white polish.
2. Cut a triangle sponge in long parts with a cube as a base. Make as many as you need, thus one for each colour.
3. Put the first colour on the sponge and dab it onto the nail in a stroke. You can choose to make the same pattern on each nail.
4. Repeat the previous steps for all colours. When you're done all white spaces should be filled.
5. This step is optional! Put a top coat to make the surface smooth.
6. Use white nail polish or acrylic paint on a thin brush to make thin lines across the nail. Again you can choose where to place them. In my opinion two lines are enough for each nail.
7. Clean around the nails, because sponging can be messy.
8. The last step is to seal it all in with a matte top coat.
VoilĂ !

Well, this is all you need to do to get this look! Will you be trying this? Let me know!

25 December 2014

A very merry minion Christmas!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

I hope you're having a great Holiday! I know I have. One of the presents I received is a professional camera! :o I'M SO HAPPY! Now I don't have to use my sister's camera anymore. That way I'll always have a camera. Another rather unexpected present for Christmas was the new amount of followers on Tumblr! It's crazy how many of you loved my previous nail art (the snowy landscape). I wrote a thank you post on Tumblr about it so I won't repeat it here as well. :)

Let's move on to my nails for Christmas. Last week I made these cute minions and I decided to show them on Christmas because they're so special.

24 December 2014

Another snowy landscape


Today's Christmas Eve, yay! Oh, I love Christmas! :) I have made a very awesome nail design for tomorrow, however, for today I have another recreation. This time I recreated a landscape of Wondrously Polished. Here's the link to the original design.
When I first saw this nail art I fell instantly in love. It's so perfect! I just knew I had to recreate it and now I did. Of course mine isn't as good as Lindsey's.

She said it's inspired by a rubber stamp and I really liked this idea. In one way it's easier to do because everything's in one colour and you only make the silhouettes, no details. I did everything with acrylic paint, because it's a lot easier to work with. The first time I drew this reindeer it looked too round so I adjusted it easily with black acrylic paint. I bet you can't see that! ;)

In the original post Lindsey explains she had a hard time making all those dots. I didn't. I used my white Barry M nail art pen and it was quick and easy.

Well, that's it for today! Have a nice Holiday and I'll see you tomorrow!

23 December 2014


Hi all!

Today I have a recreation for you. When I was brainstorming for winter nail art, I wrote down icicles. A couple days later I saw on Tumblr the best icicles nail art I had ever seen. They were made by Glitterfingersss and this is the link to the original design. I instantly knew that I should recreate it and today I'll show you what I did.

The result isn't as good as the original one, I am happy though with how it turned out. First of all it wasn't as easy as I had expected and secondly it was really fun to do. This is that kind of design in which you can make mistakes. There's no such thing as perfect icicles. The only problem was the black outlining, actually. I really messed it up! Nevertheless, next time it will be better.

So, what do you think of this ice cold nail art? :)

21 December 2014

Celebrating winter with Olaf


Today winter officially started! What better way to celebrate than making some Olaf nail art. :)
Frozen has been on my nail art wishlist for a looong time. Drawing Elsa and Anna seemed a bit too difficult and time-consuming so I went for Olaf. There are so many nail art ideas with Olaf therefore it was very hard to make something original. Here's what I came up with.

I wanted to make something simple and fun so I decided to only draw Olaf on one nail. On the other nails I made a glitter gradient starting from the cuticles. The base colour is Essie-Mint candy apple.

Drawing Olaf seems easy, but it was such a detail work because the eyes were very tiny. As were also the eyebrows. Everything else was easy. I drew him using acrylic paint. Doing this with nail polish would be impossible or moreover very intense.

Well, what do you think? It was about time I did something Frozen related, wasn't it?

20 December 2014

Blanket nails


One thing I really love about winter is a blanket. When I'm watching TV or just sitting in front of my desk, it doesn't matter, I just take my blanket and it keeps me warm and cozy. Ah, I really love it! :)
So, a couple of weeks ago I saw some crazy nails on Tumblr which you can see here. They instantly reminded me of a furry coat with a nice pattern or just a blanket! I knew I had to recreate it and now I did. It isn't really a recreation as I used other colours etc. but I do like it a lot!

On these two pictures you see them with a shiny top coat.

And here I used a matte top coat as did the inspirational source!

I really loved this technique. The combination of sponging and a plaid pattern is great!
If you want a tutorial for these, I would love to make one!
So, what do you think of this blanket nail art? Perfect for winter?

19 December 2014

DIY ornaments with nail polish


As promised I have some DIY with nail polish today. You may have seen Cutepolish' video from last year in which she shows how to make your own Holiday ornaments with nail polish. This is a long post so see it all after the jump!

18 December 2014

Christmas lights!


I've already done some Christmas lights last year, but it's so fun to do. Therefore I decided to make half moon Christmas lights. Take a look!

I just needed to do something easy and fun. You probably noticed I didn't post anything yesterday. Well, I had a very tight schedule and painting my nails didn't fit right into it. Today, however, I dedicated my day to painting my nails and some DIY projects (which you'll see tomorrow)!
One of the nails I did are these simple lights. I guess you don't need an explanation to know how it's done. Here are some more pictures.

Well, that's it for today! Do you like these simple Christmas lights?

16 December 2014

Winter nautical nails


Today's theme may come as a surprise. It isn't something you'll see during wintertime. However, I think it's great!

Yes, I made nautical nails! I've always wanted to do this, but I wanted to make something special. As it is winter, I thought it's special enough! :) Am I right or am I right?

Everything is hand painted with acrylic paint and mattified. I really love this look! Actually, I'm still wearing it. It's very simple to do yet sophisticated. Yeah I was very happy with the result.

What's your opinion? Would you dare to wear nautical nails in winter?

15 December 2014

Inspired by an ornament


Last year I had this idea of making some nail art inspired by this ornament. (In fact this picture is from last year!)

I didn't do it then but I did it now. Here are my nails!

I am so happy with the result! Everything is done freehand with nail polish. These trees were pretty easy to do, actually. Above all it does look stunning! Oh, I really love it! Here's one more picture for you to admire.

Well, what do you think? Do you like my ornament inspired nail art?

14 December 2014

Snowy landscape


In a couple of days winter will officially begin. Nevertheless, I think everyone has this feeling it's already winter. Therefore I made this snowy landscape. It reminds me of a white and cozy Christmas. Oh, I hope this Christmas will be white!

This design was really fun to do. I started with Park Avenue's Magical Night. Then I made loose French tips with white polish. The next step was to draw different things like a snowman, the house, the moose and the trees! I must say I'm very proud of my tree on my pinky. :)

I took these pictures yesterday and when I wanted to change the lens today, I discovered I had used the normal and not the macro lens for these pictures! I was a bit confused because I was pretty sure it was the right lens. It also explains why it didn't want to take good close-ups of my nails, though. However, it's not too bad!

Oh, I should mention that I'm planning on posting every day starting today til Christmas! I'm looking forward to showing all my ideas! (But it won't be all nails!) :)

So, what do you think of my snowy landscape? Is there already snow where you live?

9 December 2014

A skittle mani for Christmas


Remember the glitter polish from my last Newbies-post? It was Rimmel London's Midnight Mistletoe. Well, I promised to do some nail art with it and here it is!

6 December 2014

Candle light

Hello there!

Imagine a cold day and a white wintery scenery with cozy houses and in those houses the candles and fireplaces are lit. Well today's nail art is inspired by those warming thoughts: I made candle nail art.

So I combined a yellow-orange gradient with two candles. Everything is drawn with nail polish. Do you see the little spark in the flame? :) I outlined the candle so it stands out even more!

Oh, just seeing this nail art, I get warm! :) What about you? Do you like this nail art?

3 December 2014

Golden Mistletoe


Yesterday the first snow of the year fell in the city where I live! Yay! Oh, it was so magical. It reminded me how much I love Christmas and a white landscape. Unfortunately it's not cold enough so today's there no snow left. That's a good thing because I have exams at the moment and the snow would distract me. ;) However, I am in a Christmas mood, therefore I'm showing you this mistletoe nail art today!

It's very easy to do. I used acrylic paint for the leaves, but all the rest is nail polish. Maybe this design is familiar to you if you follow Cutepolish. She recently published a video with Christmas designs and one of them was similar to this one. When I saw the video, I was really like: "Hey, what a coincidence!" I can assure you I did this nail art before I saw the video!

Well, what do you think of the mistletoe nails? Are you also preparing for Christmas, the Holidays in general? :)

EDIT on Dec. 4: Thanks to a tumblr-blogger I realised this isn't a mistletoe but a holly.  She said mistletoe has white flowers and holly is red. I didn't know that until then. I don't live in an English speaking country therefore I didn't know the difference! Sorry!
I can't change the title, though, because then all the links on other pages won't work! That's why I added this edit!

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