11 October 2014

Guest post from Popping Nails: Multicoloured lines

Today I have yet another guest on my blog. After this one there will be only one left so enjoy!
Hi everyone! I'm Charlie from Popping Nails, if you've seen my nails before then you might know I love colour so going into Autumn I don't really change my colours but I thought for this guest post I'd try something different.

To make it more Autumn I wanted to use an off white base so I chose Topshop Blank. The other colours I used were Barry M Mango, Guava, Bright Purple and Pomegranate. As you can tell I love Barry M but the other polishes I used were Essie Sand Tropez and Gosh Spot On! Pink.

As you can see from the inspiration image I chose to do it multicoloured instead of just the one but that's just my style. I really enjoyed posting for Nerdy & Fleurty, thank you for having me on here, and I hope you all liked my design!
I love how colourful this design is! :) Do you like it too?
Thank you Charlie for this wonderful nail art! 

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