5 October 2014

Golden ruffian with Amazon...Amazoff


Two more weeks and I will have my camera back! Yay! I really can't wait any longer... It's freaking me out that I can't make some proper nail art and take good pictures of it. I have this feeling my blog isn't that important anymore just because I'm out of practice. However, it's not true! This blog means a lot to me and I will be back on a regular basis just in two weeks.When that time comes, I will show you some Halloween nails as it is coming closer. :)
But for now you'll have to deal with some old designs (old because I did them this summer).

I truly don't know how to call this. I wanted to make some ruffian design and this was born! I love the combination of these colours. O.P.I.'s Amazon... Amazoff goes well with any gold polish.

So, what do you think? Do you have a good name for this nail art?

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