18 October 2014

Black & white tribal

Hello! :)

My lovely camera is back from traveling, so some amazing nail art awaits you! ;) Before you get to see good quality pictures, I'll show you a design I made two weeks ago. I missed doing nail art and I had some inspiration so I decided to give it a go and take pictures with the other camera. The pictures turned out well. At least good enough!

There are two new things I used for this design. The one's the polish I'm holding in my hand below, the other thing is that I used acrylic paint for the black tribal.


I was very surprised how easy it is to work with acrylic paint. It's great for details, so I'll definitely use it again. Then about the polish. This is the one you saw in my last newbies post. I didn't review it then, therefore I'll do it now. Overall I'm happy with the glitters. There are small ones and big ones. On my thumb I put 2-3 coats with some placement, on my pinky it's only one coat also with placement.

That's it! What do you think?


  1. Cool! I like the design, I think tribal designs always look great :) I'm glad that you'll be posting more often again!

    1. Yeah, you can't really go wrong with a tribal design. I'm happy too, I basically can't wait any longer to show you all my ideas for Halloween! ;)

  2. Lovely design! Need to make these myself :-)


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