31 October 2014

10 days of Halloween: Trick or treat


It's the last day today which means it's Halloween! Mwuhahaha! :)
In Belgium isn't an important holiday. Yes, there are people who celebrate it, but it isn't a big deal. I suppose there will be a lot of trick or treating tonight so therefore I made this nail art out of candy! Let's have a look!

Here are the steps:
1. Apply a nude polish on all nails.
2. Apply a fun glitter polish on two nails.
3. Make colourful dots using two different dotting tools.
4. Draw a straight line with a black nail art pen on the big dots.
5. Draw two little triangles on both sides of the little dots.
6. Top coat it!

That's it! This was the last Halloween tutorial for this year! Which one was your favourite? Let me know! :) and a happy Halloween, everyone!


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