28 October 2014

10 days of Halloween: Sugar spun web


Last year I made a sugar spun mummy so this year I decided to make a sugar spun web!

 It wasn't quite as I imagined it would be. However, I think it looks pretty real because if this technique. The fact that you don't just spin the polish, but actually make a form, makes it more difficult. Nevertheless, the result is worth it!

In case you're wondering what the steps are:
1. Apply two coats of jade green polish.
2. Put some white polish on a piece of paper. Wait until it's almost dry. Take a stick or a dotting tool and drag the polish onto your nail. Do so on the diagonals and from side to side.
3. Use the same technique as in step 2, but make circles not lines. One's you're done with the sugar spun technique, you'll need to clean up with acetone.
4. Take a dotting tool and make a big black dot in the middle of the web.
5. Draw 8 legs onto the dot.
6. This time you don't have to apply a top coat but you can if you want to.

I don't have much to say today, sorry for that. It's very time-consuming to post a tutorial every day for ten days. :)
So what do you think of this year's sugar spun nail art?


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