22 October 2014

10 days of Halloween: Spooky galaxy


This year I decided to do a 10 days challenge for Halloween. This means I will post a tutorial every day for 10 days (basically until Halloween). I have some great ideas so I really can't wait to show all the tutorials I made. Let's start with some spooky nails.
For this design I wanted to combine a galaxy design with ghosts. In my opinion the galaxy didn't turn out great, however, the result was satisfying. ( I am sure I need to do more often galaxy nails...) In some way the ghosts went well with this galaxy-ish idea. Let's have a look!


And here are the steps for the tutorial:
1. Start with a metallic black polish.
2. Cut some little pieces of a sponge and dab it in blue polish. Repeat this step for every colour.
3. Seal it in with one coat of top coat to make the canvas all even.
4. Next you make a ghost shape with white acrylic paint or polish. This means you draw a half circle with a curled line.
5. After that you make two little dots for the eyes/holes of the ghost.
6. Don't forget to top coat it! You're done! :)

What do you think of this year's initiative? Will you be trying this cute spooky design?

P.S.: in case you want to see my Halloween designs of last year, click here.


  1. Wat cute! Erg leuk gedaan :-)

  2. Hehe how cute! I think these turned out great, what a great idea to combine ghosts and galaxy!

    1. Thanks! It somehow made sense in my head to combine them! :)

  3. These are super cute! I love the idea of using galaxy nail art as a base!

    1. Thanks! Galaxy nails are good for everything! :)


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