27 October 2014

10 days of Halloween: skull and bones


I'm back with some Halloween nails. This time you'll see a skull and lots of bones. Take a look for yourself.

I'm not happy with the skull, but the bones are great. I love this boney pattern!

Here's the tutorial:
1. Paint one nail white and the rest black.
2. First we'll make the skull so draw two half black circles on both sides of the nail. I used acrylic paint.
3. Next you draw two lines between those circles.
4. Now you take a dotting tool and make eyes. The skull is ready!
5. For the bones you start with simple short white lines across the nail. Again I used acrylic paint.
6. Take a dotting tool and make 2 little dots on every end of the lines. Now you're bones are also done.
7. You're nail art is complete after you put some top coat.

VoilĂ !
What do you think? Do you like my bones?

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