25 October 2014

10 days of Halloween: Bats in the dark


It is harder than I thought to think of 10 great Halloween designs. My inspiration is running low right now so today's nail art won't be as eye catching as the previous ones. Nevertheless I am happy with the look and I made a tutorial for you! ;)

The steps:
1. Paint 2 nails with one coat of lilac polish. Paint the rest with black polish (opaque).
2. Make the gradient with the lilac polish and a darker one. (Because I don't like thick coats, I only put one coat of the lighter colour before I did the gradient. It doesn't really make a difference anyways!)
3. After that you clean up around your nail with acetone and preferably put some cuticle oil to moisturize the dry skin. Also put a top coat.
4. Make pairs of white ellipses on the black nails using a dotting tool.
5. Take a smaller dotting tool and make a dot where the ellipses almost meet. Now your eyes in the dark are done.
6. For the bats you start with a slightly curved black line. make a small dot in the middle of the line.
7. Draw another two curved lines on both ends. Don't make them too long.
8. Now you make something like a chevron pattern to connect the two ends. It looks better if it's symmetrical.
9. Fill it in with black polish.
10. Seal everything with a top coat.

These are the 10 steps to get this look! :)
What do you think of the nail art? Do you like the combination of bats and eyes in the dark? Let me know!

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