31 October 2014

10 days of Halloween: Trick or treat


It's the last day today which means it's Halloween! Mwuhahaha! :)
In Belgium isn't an important holiday. Yes, there are people who celebrate it, but it isn't a big deal. I suppose there will be a lot of trick or treating tonight so therefore I made this nail art out of candy! Let's have a look!

Here are the steps:
1. Apply a nude polish on all nails.
2. Apply a fun glitter polish on two nails.
3. Make colourful dots using two different dotting tools.
4. Draw a straight line with a black nail art pen on the big dots.
5. Draw two little triangles on both sides of the little dots.
6. Top coat it!

That's it! This was the last Halloween tutorial for this year! Which one was your favourite? Let me know! :) and a happy Halloween, everyone!

30 October 2014

10 days of Halloween: dripping emojis


For today's nail art I combined two things: emojis and drips. I have no idea how that combination was made in my mind, but I liked it and had to try it. It was really fun to do and I'm pretty happy with the result. Only downside is the fact that the emoji's are a bit unrecognisable. They even look a bit like ghosts. Therefore I'm telling you that those creatures on my nails are dripping emojis!

In case you're wondering how you can make it:
1. Start with applying a taupe colour.
2. Next you make a gradient with that taupe and a lilac polish.
3. Clean up around the cuticles and apply a top coat.
4. I used acrylic paint and a thin brush to make grey circles.
5. Then I added some drips to the circles.
6. Using a black nail art pen I drew some funny faces like emojis.
7. Don't forget to mattify them!

You're done! That's how easy it is to get this look!
I can really assure you it's a fun idea for your nails. Especially because the gradient is rather subtle. Also the matte finish makes everything even better!
So, what do you think? A great idea for Halloween?

29 October 2014

10 days of Halloween: Patchwork


This post won't be long, sorry. It's getting late and I'm not really in the mood to write. :(
Today's Halloween design is patchwork. I quite like the result, especially the thick white outline. It makes the nail art lighter and happier.

Here are the steps for the tutorial:
1. Apply two coats of a lilac polish.
2. I used acrylic paint for all the steps that are to come. Make colour blocks in orange and dark green.
3. Outline them with white acrylic paint. Don't forget to draw little stripes on the outline to make the patchwork look real.
4. Decorate the colour blocks with stripes or dots or ...
5. Mattify your nails!

These are the 5 steps for this nice look!
What do you think? Do you like my patchwork?

28 October 2014

10 days of Halloween: Sugar spun web


Last year I made a sugar spun mummy so this year I decided to make a sugar spun web!

 It wasn't quite as I imagined it would be. However, I think it looks pretty real because if this technique. The fact that you don't just spin the polish, but actually make a form, makes it more difficult. Nevertheless, the result is worth it!

In case you're wondering what the steps are:
1. Apply two coats of jade green polish.
2. Put some white polish on a piece of paper. Wait until it's almost dry. Take a stick or a dotting tool and drag the polish onto your nail. Do so on the diagonals and from side to side.
3. Use the same technique as in step 2, but make circles not lines. One's you're done with the sugar spun technique, you'll need to clean up with acetone.
4. Take a dotting tool and make a big black dot in the middle of the web.
5. Draw 8 legs onto the dot.
6. This time you don't have to apply a top coat but you can if you want to.

I don't have much to say today, sorry for that. It's very time-consuming to post a tutorial every day for ten days. :)
So what do you think of this year's sugar spun nail art?

27 October 2014

10 days of Halloween: skull and bones


I'm back with some Halloween nails. This time you'll see a skull and lots of bones. Take a look for yourself.

I'm not happy with the skull, but the bones are great. I love this boney pattern!

Here's the tutorial:
1. Paint one nail white and the rest black.
2. First we'll make the skull so draw two half black circles on both sides of the nail. I used acrylic paint.
3. Next you draw two lines between those circles.
4. Now you take a dotting tool and make eyes. The skull is ready!
5. For the bones you start with simple short white lines across the nail. Again I used acrylic paint.
6. Take a dotting tool and make 2 little dots on every end of the lines. Now you're bones are also done.
7. You're nail art is complete after you put some top coat.

What do you think? Do you like my bones?

26 October 2014

10 days of Halloween: Bloody splatter


For today's nail art I tried a new technique: splatter nails! I've wanted to try this for so long now and I finally managed to do it! I can already tell you I loved it and will do it again!

As you can see I combined it with a bloody fingerprint. I saw this idea on Roaring Nails. I loved it so much I had to try it myself. However, I slightly changed it. Robin used red nail polish for the print and I used red acrylic paint. (I think it's less messy!)
The splatter itself went pretty easy. Although I used red polish, the clean up wasn't that hard. I like how different my nails are. There's no way to make them all similar. That makes them so unique! ;)

Here are the steps for today's tutorial:
1. Start with white nail polish.
2. Use tape to put around your nails. This way the clean up will be easier.
3. Cut a straw in 2 pieces. Take 1 piece and dip it in red polish. Blow through the straw to create this splatter look. (tip: make sure there's enough polish on the straw.)
4. Remove the tape and clean up all the excesses with acetone.
5. Put some red acrylic paint on your fingertip and press your finger onto your nail. Now you've created a fingerprint. (tip: wash your finger with some water to easily remove the red paint.)
6. Seal it in with a top coat and you're done!

Well, are you loving these bloody fingers as much as I do? :)

25 October 2014

10 days of Halloween: Bats in the dark


It is harder than I thought to think of 10 great Halloween designs. My inspiration is running low right now so today's nail art won't be as eye catching as the previous ones. Nevertheless I am happy with the look and I made a tutorial for you! ;)

The steps:
1. Paint 2 nails with one coat of lilac polish. Paint the rest with black polish (opaque).
2. Make the gradient with the lilac polish and a darker one. (Because I don't like thick coats, I only put one coat of the lighter colour before I did the gradient. It doesn't really make a difference anyways!)
3. After that you clean up around your nail with acetone and preferably put some cuticle oil to moisturize the dry skin. Also put a top coat.
4. Make pairs of white ellipses on the black nails using a dotting tool.
5. Take a smaller dotting tool and make a dot where the ellipses almost meet. Now your eyes in the dark are done.
6. For the bats you start with a slightly curved black line. make a small dot in the middle of the line.
7. Draw another two curved lines on both ends. Don't make them too long.
8. Now you make something like a chevron pattern to connect the two ends. It looks better if it's symmetrical.
9. Fill it in with black polish.
10. Seal everything with a top coat.

These are the 10 steps to get this look! :)
What do you think of the nail art? Do you like the combination of bats and eyes in the dark? Let me know!

24 October 2014

10 days of Halloween: creepy cupcakes


I have something delicious yet uneatable for you today. As I was brainstorming about Halloween ideas, I suddenly thought of cupcakes. It was a very random thought actually! Therefore I decided to do something with it and I am pretty pleased with the result. See for yourself!

And as promised I made a tutorial for this design!
1. start with a very sheer, almost invisible polish.
2. Paint your tips in a deep/warm orange.
3. Now make a half circle above the orange part in a peachy colour.
4. Use a thin brush with blue nail polish/acrylic paint and make some vertical lines on your tips and a horizontal line between the orange and peach. (Almost sounds like I'm making a fruit salad! ;) )
5. Choose a glitter polish and take some glitters out of the bottle with a wood stick. Place them on the peachy part. Here I used black and white glitters.
6. Next you make a small black dot on top of your cupcake.
7. In this case it's not a cherry, but a spider, so draw some legs (preferably 8!) around the dot.
8. Finish with a top coat, of course!

Voilà! That's how easy it is to make Halloween cupcakes.
What do you think of this design? :)

23 October 2014

10 days of Halloween: eyeballs


Today I'll show you another Halloween related design. I'm pretty excited about this one, because it turned out great! 
As the title suggest I have made some eyeballs nail art. For this design I searched for inspiration on other blogs. I came across the eyeballs design of Chalkboard Nails and I used her tutorial a bit for my idea. Let's take a look at what I did!

Nice huh? You can really see I'm happy with the final result! :) When I showed it to my sister, she was a bit shocked but thought it was cool.
Here's the gif I made for today's tutorial:

How can you achieve this look?
1. Start with white polish on two nails. The rest should be in a deep purple colour.
2. Make big white dots on the nails with purple polish. Use a dotting tool for this step.
3. Next you draw some capillaries using red polish/acrylic paint on a thin brush. This means random stripes on the edge of the white area.
4. Choose 3 colours for the iris (e.g. blue, brown and green) and make a dot in the middle of the white area.
5. Now take a smaller dotting tool and black polish. Make a dot inside the iris.
6. Add a smaller white dot in the top right 'corner' of the black dot.
7. Seal it with a top coat and you're done!

It may sound difficult, but it's really easy. I managed to finish this design in less than 1 hour (photographing included!), so that should encourage you to try it!

Do you like it? Is it scary enough for Halloween?

22 October 2014

10 days of Halloween: Spooky galaxy


This year I decided to do a 10 days challenge for Halloween. This means I will post a tutorial every day for 10 days (basically until Halloween). I have some great ideas so I really can't wait to show all the tutorials I made. Let's start with some spooky nails.
For this design I wanted to combine a galaxy design with ghosts. In my opinion the galaxy didn't turn out great, however, the result was satisfying. ( I am sure I need to do more often galaxy nails...) In some way the ghosts went well with this galaxy-ish idea. Let's have a look!


And here are the steps for the tutorial:
1. Start with a metallic black polish.
2. Cut some little pieces of a sponge and dab it in blue polish. Repeat this step for every colour.
3. Seal it in with one coat of top coat to make the canvas all even.
4. Next you make a ghost shape with white acrylic paint or polish. This means you draw a half circle with a curled line.
5. After that you make two little dots for the eyes/holes of the ghost.
6. Don't forget to top coat it! You're done! :)

What do you think of this year's initiative? Will you be trying this cute spooky design?

P.S.: in case you want to see my Halloween designs of last year, click here.

18 October 2014

Black & white tribal

Hello! :)

My lovely camera is back from traveling, so some amazing nail art awaits you! ;) Before you get to see good quality pictures, I'll show you a design I made two weeks ago. I missed doing nail art and I had some inspiration so I decided to give it a go and take pictures with the other camera. The pictures turned out well. At least good enough!

There are two new things I used for this design. The one's the polish I'm holding in my hand below, the other thing is that I used acrylic paint for the black tribal.


I was very surprised how easy it is to work with acrylic paint. It's great for details, so I'll definitely use it again. Then about the polish. This is the one you saw in my last newbies post. I didn't review it then, therefore I'll do it now. Overall I'm happy with the glitters. There are small ones and big ones. On my thumb I put 2-3 coats with some placement, on my pinky it's only one coat also with placement.

That's it! What do you think?

14 October 2014

Guest post from Not Your Average Nails: Plaid nails

We've reached the last guest in the guest post series. :( However, there's no time to be sad because it's a great blogger with yet another amazing design! Let's have a look!

Hello everyone! I'm Becca from Not Your Average Nails and I'm very excited to be doing a guest post for the lovely Nerdy & Fleurty today! I've only ever done one guest post before and it's fun to be doing so again!

Today's manicure is a second attempt at a design I tried a few weeks ago and wasn't very please with. I had originally done a white, black and grey plaid to go with the maroon accent nails but I just wasn't feeling it. This time around I decided to incorporate the Maroon (Cabaret by Ciaté) into the design and it turned out way better!

I also switched out the plaid for argyle which made a big difference as well. This is also my first design using flocking (or crushed velvet) which was quite the adventure. It gets literally everywhere! It looks and feels really cool when you put it on, but it does seem to come off really quickly. Still, it's a really cool one-day-only embellishment.

The products that I used for this design are:
Ciaté - Cabaret
Essie - Grow Stronger Base Coat
Essie - Licorice
Sally Hansen - White On
Seche Vite - Quick Dry Top Coat
Ciaté Crushed Velvet
2mm Square Gold Studs

And that's it! Thank you so much to Nerdy & Fleurty for inviting me to do this guest post, it was fun!
Crushed velvet goes really well with plaid nails. I'll remember that! ;)
Thank you Becca for this wonderful final post in the guest post series! What do you think of this design?

11 October 2014

Guest post from Popping Nails: Multicoloured lines

Today I have yet another guest on my blog. After this one there will be only one left so enjoy!
Hi everyone! I'm Charlie from Popping Nails, if you've seen my nails before then you might know I love colour so going into Autumn I don't really change my colours but I thought for this guest post I'd try something different.

To make it more Autumn I wanted to use an off white base so I chose Topshop Blank. The other colours I used were Barry M Mango, Guava, Bright Purple and Pomegranate. As you can tell I love Barry M but the other polishes I used were Essie Sand Tropez and Gosh Spot On! Pink.

As you can see from the inspiration image I chose to do it multicoloured instead of just the one but that's just my style. I really enjoyed posting for Nerdy & Fleurty, thank you for having me on here, and I hope you all liked my design!
I love how colourful this design is! :) Do you like it too?
Thank you Charlie for this wonderful nail art! 

8 October 2014

Guest post from Nailuminium: alternative tribal

I've another guest op the blog. This time it's the great and talented Marge from Nailuminium! I'm so excited for this one, hope you like it too! :)

Hello everyone! I’m Marge from Nailuminium and this is actually the first time I’m doing a guest post. Ever. I have a lot of manicures photographed and waiting to be posted right now, so I didn’t make a new one for this post, instead of that I just chose one I did few weeks ago, during my short-nails period.

I’ve been having a creative crisis lately and I was pretty desperate when I started doing this design. First I painted my nails beige, that’s what I do when I’m lost. When the base dried I sponged on a bit of white, not knowing what I wanted to end up with.

Polishes I used:

Rimmel 367 Bare Necessities

Rimmel 703 White Hot Love

I think I had some sort of tribal design in mind when I continued with stripes over the beige-white surface. I used one of my cheapest striper brushes (below), it’s from the time when I used to buy all my brushes at a craft store and cut them down to appropriate size.

At the end I sealed the design with Essence Better Than Gel Nails high gloss top coat. I was unhappy with the outcome at first, but I got to like it after few days of wearing.

That’s pretty much it from me, thank you Nerdy & Fleurty for having me, it feels kind of nice and refreshing to write a post for someone else instead of for my own blog. Good luck with blogging (and creativity and all, and know what I’m saying with my crisis still around :D )!
Thanks for reading and have a nice day you all!

I love how subtle the white sponging is. It makes the design look more tribal. I hope what I'm saying makes sense to you! :) However, thank you Marge for making this guest post!
What do you guys think? 

5 October 2014

Golden ruffian with Amazon...Amazoff


Two more weeks and I will have my camera back! Yay! I really can't wait any longer... It's freaking me out that I can't make some proper nail art and take good pictures of it. I have this feeling my blog isn't that important anymore just because I'm out of practice. However, it's not true! This blog means a lot to me and I will be back on a regular basis just in two weeks.When that time comes, I will show you some Halloween nails as it is coming closer. :)
But for now you'll have to deal with some old designs (old because I did them this summer).

I truly don't know how to call this. I wanted to make some ruffian design and this was born! I love the combination of these colours. O.P.I.'s Amazon... Amazoff goes well with any gold polish.

So, what do you think? Do you have a good name for this nail art?

1 October 2014

Guest post from Warpedrationails: background flowers

Do you remember my nail art inspired by the background of my blog? Well, it's nothing compared to this awesome recreation by Warpedrationails!

Hello everyone! Let me introduce myself. I'm Stephanie of Warpedrationails. I am very honored to have been asked to do a guest post for Nerdy & Fleurty as she is a very talented nail blogger.

For today's nails I decided to recreate the floral pattern that is the background on her blog.

I really like this pattern, the flowers are whimsical and fun. They're not very difficult to do, which is always a good thing! 

The polishes I used are:

Color Club Look, Don't Tusk
Color Club Macaroon Swoon
China Glaze Spring in my Step
Julep Delaunay
Pure Ice  Black Out

Hope you all like these flowers as much as I do! Thanks again to Nerdy & Fleurty for having me as a guest on her blog! :)
I was right, wasn't I? This looks so real. It's as if she made nail wraps out of my background! I love it, I really do! Thanks Stephanie for this amazing nail art! :)
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