28 September 2014

Guest post from Manifique Nails: Under the sea

How about another guest post? You'll love this one from Magnifique Nails!

Hello everyone! I'm Ana from Magnifique Nails, and I'm really excited to be guest posting on Nerdy & Fleurty's blog today. This is the second time I'm guest posting on a blog, and it was really fun and challenging to see what design I can come up with. Although were still in September, technically, summer is still not over. 

So when I, recently, received some awesome nail charms from Daily Charme, and vinyls from The Little Lacquer Bean, for review. I just knew the perfect design, an under the sea theme! I'm actually glad I held off on doing an underwater design! I began by applying two coats Julep Bess, which is one of my favorite blue shades. 

Once the polish was completely dry, I added three wave shape nail vinyls from The Little Lacquer Bean. Then I applied two coats of The Little Lacquer Bean Goldfish In A Bag. I then, carefully and quickly, removed the vinyls and applied a thin coat of top coat. Then, with a nail art brush, I drew the seaweeds with a light green acrylic paint, and starfish with a coral acrylic paint.


For the nail charm, there are many different ways to apply, but I prefer gel top coat or brush on resin glue (which you can purchase on Daily Charme). It works perfectly to secure the charm on the nail. I even accented the fish a few little bubbles using white acrylic paint. Lastly, I sealed the nails with H K Girl Top Coat. Overall I really loved how these, came out. I just couldn't stop thinking how adorable the nail charm is. 
Well, I hope you guys enjoyed my nail art! Special thanks to Nerdy & Fleurty for allowing me to post on her blog! :)

We sure did enjoy your nail art! This really is magnificent! :) Thank you Ana!
So, what do you guys think? Are you totally craving for summer to come back?  

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