28 September 2014

Guest post from Manifique Nails: Under the sea

How about another guest post? You'll love this one from Magnifique Nails!

Hello everyone! I'm Ana from Magnifique Nails, and I'm really excited to be guest posting on Nerdy & Fleurty's blog today. This is the second time I'm guest posting on a blog, and it was really fun and challenging to see what design I can come up with. Although were still in September, technically, summer is still not over. 

So when I, recently, received some awesome nail charms from Daily Charme, and vinyls from The Little Lacquer Bean, for review. I just knew the perfect design, an under the sea theme! I'm actually glad I held off on doing an underwater design! I began by applying two coats Julep Bess, which is one of my favorite blue shades. 

Once the polish was completely dry, I added three wave shape nail vinyls from The Little Lacquer Bean. Then I applied two coats of The Little Lacquer Bean Goldfish In A Bag. I then, carefully and quickly, removed the vinyls and applied a thin coat of top coat. Then, with a nail art brush, I drew the seaweeds with a light green acrylic paint, and starfish with a coral acrylic paint.


For the nail charm, there are many different ways to apply, but I prefer gel top coat or brush on resin glue (which you can purchase on Daily Charme). It works perfectly to secure the charm on the nail. I even accented the fish a few little bubbles using white acrylic paint. Lastly, I sealed the nails with H K Girl Top Coat. Overall I really loved how these, came out. I just couldn't stop thinking how adorable the nail charm is. 
Well, I hope you guys enjoyed my nail art! Special thanks to Nerdy & Fleurty for allowing me to post on her blog! :)

We sure did enjoy your nail art! This really is magnificent! :) Thank you Ana!
So, what do you guys think? Are you totally craving for summer to come back?  

26 September 2014

Newbies: autumn ready with Golden Rose


How long has it been since the last Newbies-post? Too long! So here are some fun polishes that I bought during the summer. I didn't post them then because they really are perfect for autumn. (It wasn't intentionally!) Let's have a look:

As you can see they're all Golden Rose polishes! I bought them when I was on vacation and I could not not buy them, because they're pretty AND cheap! ;)

So, let's start with the left one: a deep orange (sorry, the polish is nameless...)
I used two coats and no top coat. I am not an orange fan, but I love this one! It's very unique and autumn is written all over it!

Next we have a special brown, named Foggy Albion. I have had something similar to this one, but the bottle was pretty much empty, so I needed a replacement. This is also 2 coats (sometimes one is enough) and no top coat.

The next polish is a very nude one, named Beige Satin. You can hardly see the difference between my skin and my nails. It's a bit weird to look at. I hope it's better when I use it as base for nail art...         (2 coats and no top coat, again)

The last polish I'll be reviewing today is Atomic Green. I think the polish says it all. It shines a lot in direct sunlight and is very difficult to caption in a picture! ;)
(2 coats and no top coat)

The main reason I bought this polish was so that I can use it for some mermaid nails. Here's a quick try. It's too monotone, so I'm not really happy with it. I'll give it another try when I feel like it (probably next summer).

You're probably thinking right now: "Are her nails much longer than normal?" Well, yes! As I said this was taken in summer. Once summer started I let my nubs grow A LOT! This was the longest it has ever been. Then, it looked normal, because I was used to it, but now it looks HUGE! I still can't believe these are my nails! Haha :)

This is getting a long post, so I will end it soon. However, there's one more thing I want to show you. It's actually a recap of this Newbies-post. I made a gif! Yay!

Oh, I almost forgot! The reason I'm not reviewing the last black and white glitter polish is that I haven't tried it yet. I couldn't come up with a fun design to use it for, so now I'm waiting until my camera is back to show you what I came up with.
One last question: what do you think of my "little" autumn(/summer) haul?

22 September 2014

Guest post from Moustache Manis: different nail art techniques

Hi! Here's another great guest post. This time it's from Moustache Manis! Let's have a look.
Hello everyone! 
My name is Ellie, and I normally blog over at Moustache Manis. I thought for today's guest post I would show you just a few of my favourite nail art techniques in one simple look.
First off, studs. You can never go wrong with a lil' bit of 3D decoration in my opinion! I bought my studs in a wheel from Amazon, but a very similar study wheel is available from Born Pretty Store here. I used OPI My Vampire Is Buff as a base, then added the small gold studs with tweezers before topcoating with Seche Vite.

Next up is stamping. I'm a fairly recent convert to this technique. I used the Bundle Monster plate BM-422 for the diamond print on my ring finger, stamping with a-England Dragon over Barry M Key Lime.

Finally: floral patterns. I'm a sucker for a floral, so it was inevitable that one would be included! Again, I used OPI MVIB with China Glaze Something Sweet, Revlon Cherries In The Snow, and Barry M Gold Foil.

What are your favourite techniques to include in nail art looks? Let me know in the comments! And thanks to Nerdy & Fleurty for letting me guest post!
Oh, I love the combination of floral, stamping and studs. Ellie did a great job! I like those flowers the most, they're so perfect. What do you think?
Thanks again, Ellie, for this amazing guest post! :) 

19 September 2014

Splatter nails!


I'm still here don't worry! :)
I just don't have much unpublished posts left, so I'm leaving more days in between posts. I know it's not a good excuse, therefore I suggest you follow me on Instagram where I post more often. (link is in the sidebar)
However, there's something special about this post: it's my 200th post on my blog! Yay! Haha :)

OK, here's today's nail art. I did these on a friend this summer. You probably recognise the fingers, because I've shown you a lot of designs on her nails.

Yes, I know the quality of the pictures isn't great. I did these when I didn't have my camera anymore, so I had to use another one. It was also taken in the evening and the lighting wasn't good. I hope it's good enough for you to see what I did. Instead of doing splatter nails with a straw (which I'll totally try some day), I used a dotting tool and drew some splatters. My friend was very happy with the result and said it looked artistic. Just like her! ;)
When I finished her nails, her little sister wanted some nail art too. I had brought my nail decoration with me and she loved the yellow hearts, so I placed some on her nails. She explicitly wanted blue nail polish as a base to look like Elsa. (Yes, she's a big Frozen-fan!) So here's the result!

Cute, right?
That's all for today. What do you think of my splatter design?

14 September 2014

Guest post from Sarah Lou Nails: inspired by sandals

Here's another guest post. It's from the incredible Sarah Lou Nails! Enjoy! 
Hi guys! This is my first ever guest post! I'm so excited! Thank you to Nerdy & Fleurty for featuring me!

I was inspired by my sandals for this manicure! I've been wearing them all summer, I can't believe I hadn't done this sooner. They're gold with a sparkly gold strap that runs down my foot. So I did a nude base and placed some gold glequins in a row of three down two of my nails.

I used:
Born Pretty Store: Gold Glequins

Thank you Sarah for this simple, but elegant nail art! I love it! :)
What do you think? Let me know! 

10 September 2014

A bunch of designs for my mom


In this post you'll see more than one design. Yay! :)
That is because I did them on my mom over the summer and I can't write a whole post about them separately. So now you can see the three nail art ideas at once.

#1: Golden curls
I hadn't done curls in a while so it seemed a good idea to do it again. Also I had to try my new orange/brown. Soon you'll see a review.

#2: Houndstooth
This was on my to do-list for a loooong time. As my mother just let me do whatever I want on her nails, I used the opportunity to finally try it. I love it! I used my black nail art pen by Barry M and it made the whole process so easy! This one will be repeated. 

#3: Subtle flower
I did these at the end of our vacation. My mom had to go back to work and wanted something simple and subtle. I think I did a good job on both of the requirements. ;) (This nude polish is also new so there will be a review soon.)

And here's a very close shot of the flowers. They really are super easy to do. When you're in a hurry, but want some nail art, this is a perfect and quick solution.

Well, that's all for today. I hope you like them all.

6 September 2014

Guest post from Manicured Moose: shark nails

Here's another guest post. This time it's from Manicured Moose! Let's see what she has made.
Hello! I'm Gabrielle from Manicured Moose. First off, I'd like to thank the lovely blogger in charge of Nerdy & Fleurty for inviting me to write a guest post. I've had a serious case of art block lately and coming up with a design for this post was a great challenge. Painting the shark was also a great challenge.

Anyway, onto the nails! I started off with a thin coat of Nicole by OPI Live in the Momentum. Once that was dry I sponged on Live in the Momentum, Nicole by OPI Pros & Confidence, China Glaze Fade into Hue, and Zoya Blu. To complete my 'ocean' I painted on a coat of Pure Ice Heartbreaker. Sadly, Heartbreaker can't really be seen in my photos. It looks amazing in person though.

Next was the shark! I don't really have much to say for this part of the process. It mainly consisted of me mixing black and white acrylic paint and slapping on the resulting colors in a shark-like shape. I think it turned out well! His mouth is my favorite part.

I painted on the words, "Hug Me?" on my thumb using acrylic paint. Every one knows (or should know) that The Ocean gets its saltiness from the tears of misunderstood sharks that just want to cuddle.* Right? Right. Please ignore the ding. I didn't notice I had mussed my thumb up until I looked at the macro pic. That's always how it is, isn't it?

That's all from me! Thank you, Nerdy & Fleurty, for inviting me to contribute to your lovely blog. :) I had a lot of fun coming up with a design and writing about it! 

* I didn't come up with the line about the saltiness of the Ocean, nor do I know who to give credit to for the line.

Polishes Used:
Nicole by OPI - Live in the Momentum
Nicole by OPI -Pros & Confidence
China Glaze - Fade into Hue
Zoya - Blu
Pure Ice - Heartbreaker
Black & White Acrylic Paint

These shark nails are amazing! It looks so real. :)
Thank you Gabrielle for this guest post!

3 September 2014

Neon tribal nails


What about some nails reminding you of the heat in the summer? I definitely want some!
I combined a tribal design with my neon polish Orly- Fruity Pink Neon.

The peachy colour is Sephora by O.P.I. - Give Peach a Chance. I wasn't sure how these colours would look together, but I'm actually really happy with this combo. It makes it wearable, because it isn't that flashy.

Well, I'm sorry this post is so short! School started two days ago and I'm already tired (because I have to get up early...). Besides that I'm having a cold, so posting isn't really one of my priorities. However, I found some time to share this nail art with you!

So, what do you think of this design?

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