30 July 2014

Tie Dye nails tutorial + some important news!

Hey all,

This nail art has a lot of success on my Tumblr. Thanks for liking and reblogging! To all of you who really love this design: I'm participating in Nailpornography's NOTW contest this week. Friday you can start voting for my nails until Saturday night. Don't forget!
OK, the tutorial! I had to show you my improved Photoshop skills of course. And this was the best way to do so. To achieve this look you won't need much time. It took me a lot of time because I had to take a picture of every single step. You will definitely finish it in about a half hour. (Don't blame me if you don't finish!)

Here are the steps (tip: do one nail at a time):
1. Start with a basecoat and white polish. I used two coats of white, but they weren't perfect and that doesn't matter since you won't see it eventually.
2. Next you make a little dot in the middle just to be sure your design is well centered. The dot should be in the lightest colour of the three. This step isn't obligatory of course.
3. Using the same colour you now make a 'flower with a lot of petals' with the thinnest brush you can find. (e.g. Essie - Apple Mint Candy)
4. Make short and thin stripes around the petals with the second lightest colour of your choice. They should be close to each other so you can't see any white. The colours may overlap. (e.g. Park Avenue - Jade Green)
5. Do the same thing but now with the darkest colour of the three. (e.g. O.P.I. - Amazon...Amazoff)
6. Repeat these steps for the three colours until the whole canvas is filled. Always in the same order!
7. Once it's dry you must seal it with a top coat.

These are the 7 easy steps for achieving this design! I hope you like it. If you are experiencing any difficulties with the steps, please contact me!

P.s.: In a couple of weeks I won't have my descent camera for two months! As a result I won't be able to take good pictures of my nails, but I want to keep posting on my blog. So I came up with a solution: ask bloggers for a guest post. Doesn't matter if you are just starting or already have a lot of experience. I would love to post your nail art. See it as a way of promoting your blog! What should you do? First let me know that you're interested by leaving a comment, a private message on Tumblr or Facebook or by sending me an e-mail. Once I've contacted you and you're ready with your design, you can send me an e-mail with the text and the pictures. I'll try to post your nail art as fast as I can! So don't hesitate, just do it! :)

28 July 2014

Tie dye nails!


This week's NOTW theme on Tumblr is Tie Dye. I had never done tie dye nails before so it looked like the perfect occasion to try it. I must say that I am surprised how easy it turned out to be. The best part is that it may look messy. The messier, the better, if you ask me! :)

Well, what do you think?
I have a tutorial ready for this design, but I'll put it in my next post!

25 July 2014

Flowers from the middle


When I started this nail art, I had something else in mind. My idea turned out to be impossible (or just too difficult) so I turned it into a simpler design which I'll show you today.
Somewhere in the middle of the process I stopped to take a picture because I liked it too. Here's how it looked then.

What you see is Park Avenue-Cherry Smoothie on 2/3 of the nail and beneath that a coat of the mystery Maybelline I can't find the name of.
My first intention was to make a gradient of those two polishes. As I said it seemed impossible after I tried a bit. The one is almost transparent and the other is super opaque, so it does make sense. I was wondering if you maybe know how I can make this work. It would probably look amazing and I would like to give it another try! So if you know the method, please let me know.
However, one thing never changed in my plan. There will be some flowers to make the look more summery. This is the result.

Well, what do you think?
Oh, by the way my Photoshop skills are getting better so I'm planning on making some tutorials. If there's a previous design you love and want to see a tutorial of, just let me know. You can also give me new ideas for tutorials! Don't hesitate, just do it!

22 July 2014

Newbies: vacation shopping

Hi everyone,

I've bought some new polishes again... Oops! I can assure you you will love the colours!

So let's start with Maybelline's polish. Unfortunately I couldn't find the name of this colour. It's number 70 if that helps you somehow. If you know the name, please let me know!
This colour was a bit of surprise to me because it looks very opaque in the bottle. Yet it was super transparent with a bit of a light pink nuance. It's perfect for a French manicure, which I already used it for (inspiration from a jumpsuit). I used only one coat, because it wouldn't make a difference anyway. It was a really nice surprise. I really needed such a polish.

Next we have Green Eyed Monster by Rimmel London. I bought this polish as a replacement for an old polish from Claire's. The colour is almost the same. Here I used two coats and I had some difficulties. I thin the brush was the problem. Also the formula was a bit thick or maybe it's because of the hot weather, I don't know. Either way it could be just for once. I'll tell next time I use it how it goes.

The last polish is again from Rimmel London. This one is called Rose Libertine. On the pictures it looks like a dark coral colour, but in reality it is pink. The first time I used this polish was on my mom's nails and I had absolutely no problems. Just two coats were needed. When I used it some days after that on my own nails for this review, It was like the green polish. On the picture I used three coats.

Overall, I love the colours, but it didn't seem to work for me that well. I really hope it's a one time problem. I'll keep you updated!
What do you think?

19 July 2014

Inspiration from a jumpsuit


This summer I have a lot of jumpsuits. I just love wearing them! They're so comfy.
Today's nail art is inspired by one of them. You may think the design doesn't have anything to do with the jumpsuit, because I didn't just copy the print, but if you look closer you'll find the link. I was wearing this outfit for a night out and I wanted to have some matching nails, of course. However I didn't have much time so I had to come up with a quick and easy design. (Recently I started to love nail art with colourful tips. Sephora's test really is right! :D )
Enough talking, let's take a look at the nail art!

So what do you think? Let me know in the comments!

17 July 2014

Wave after wave!


Here's a second beach inspired design. I love the simplicity of this design. On top of that it's really easy to do and you can't make a big mistake at all. I have to say I saw it on Tumblr and fell in love immediately. The original creator is Hannahroxnails. It was so hard for me to take it off! :)
As you can see the cleaning was a bit of a difficulty, but that's normal with a gradient. I used the nail oil pen I showed you in mu previous newbies post. It's very oily, but manageable and it has a positive effect on your skin (as expected).

So what do you think? Would you want this subtle summery look on your fingertips?

12 July 2014

Beach nails!


While I'm enjoying the weather, the sun and the sea, I left my blog for some time. I promised you some sea-themed nails and here comes the first one. How about some beach nails with a sand castle, shells, and flip flops?

The pictures look a bit blurry, right? My camera just wouldn't focus on the nails for some reason...
What do you think of my design? When are you planning to go to the beach?

9 July 2014

The perfect combination for summer: Neon and French


One month ago I took a test from Sephora on Tumblr about your summer nail look. The test said I should try some nudes with a fluorescent tips. I kept my promise and tried it after I bought my neon polish.
I had another design on my left hand, so this time you'll see my right hand. (It was so unnatural to take a picture of my right hand...)

I hope I interpreted the test well. What do you think? Would you wear this noticeable design? My mother would! She really liked it.
Coming up next are some nail art designs for the beach. As I will be on vacation at the Black Sea. I know I recently showed you some Newbies, but two days ago I bought some more polishes. Yes, my collection is growing fast at the moment! (I admit I like it!)

Don't forget to take the test and see what nail look you should give a try!

6 July 2014

Newbies: some start of summer shopping

Hi all!

Some posts ago when I showed you the feather nail art, I mentioned some new polishes. This is the post in which you'll read my review of these great 'newbies'.

Let's start with the nail oil pen from Essence. I use this pen after cleaning up around the cuticles. The skin is dry because of the remover and when you use this pen it moisturises the skin. It isn't very big so you can take it with you everywhere.

Next we have Orly polish bond base coat. I needed a new base coat and this one seemed to be the perfect one. I've used t for a couple designs and so far I've been happy with this purchase. It dries matte and that's great because you can't tell you have a base coat on your nails. It also dries quickly and the formula is super. This base coat is definitely worth its price.

This special effect topper from Essence called Bird of Paradise really corresponds to his name. This feather effect looks amazing. Here's a close-up picture of my feather design. You can see how mesmerizing this topper is.

Here we have Park Avenue's Cherry Smoothie. There's no colour like this in my collection and I'm really happy I found it. It looks amazing on your nails! It was hard though to take a good picture of this polish.

The second polish from Park Avenue is called Jade Green. This one is also a great gain for my collection. It's a very cheerful colour perfect for summertime.

The last polish is Rimmel London's Midnight Rendezvous. I have to admit the whole collection of Rita Ora looks awesome. I loved this one the most because I've been looking for a deep purple like this for ages! All the polishes needed 2 coats and for this one I aso put 2 coats, but it wasn't really necessary. Here are some pictures to admire the polish.

So, what do you think? Any newbie you want to have in your collection?

4 July 2014

Follow Friday: Wondrously Polished


Here's my second Follow Friday-post! I'm so happy to show you another blogger that I truly admire. I'm talking about Lindsey from Wondrously Polished.

1 July 2014

Belgian Red Devils!


Today's a big day for the Belgian football team. The Belgian Red Devils will play against the USA in the round of 16. I want to show my support by making some nail art (what else!).

I'm sorry for all my American readers, but Belgium will win this game! :) (It will be so painful if we loose now...)
So what do you think of my nail art? I used striping tape for the flag and I can officially say that I hate striping tape at the moment! I really waited quite some time and still it pulled the polish beneath the tape. Does someone have any good advice for me?

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