12 June 2014

Father's Day nail art


How time-consuming can exams be? It's really exhausting! I'm so sorry I haven't posted something for almost a week, but I didn't have any material to show you. It was a long time-out for my nails as well.

Today, I finally found some time to make some nail art. I know it isn't Father's Day (it was last Sunday here in Belgium, but it's this Sunday in other countries), but there is this contest on Nailpolis and the prize is huge! You still have some time to enter if you wish. On the sidebar you can see my entry and the link to the contest. I wanted to make something special, but to be honest I had no inspiration. What can you draw about Father's day? Anyway, this is what I came up with!

All these words describe my dad! I added the tuxedo because I love it when my father wears a tuxedo. It does not happen very often. When I was little I used to call him my prince because he wore a tuxedo. :)

Enough about my dad. What do you think of the nail art?

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