29 June 2014

Feather nails


My vacation has officially started and of course I had to go to the city and buy some new polishes! :) Yesterday I tried them on and they are amazing. The post will come up on the blog somewhere next week so be patient. However the nail art I'll show you today is made with two (even three if we count the basecoat) of those Newbies.
I've always wanted to make some feather nails, but I was never happy with the result. This time I didn't care much and I liked how you can still see the brush strokes.
The new polishes that I used are Orly- polish bond, Essence- Bird of Paradise and Park Avenue- Cherry Smoothie.

I won't tell how wonderful the polishes are, because there will be post dedicated to that. For now I can say I really, truly love them!

What do you think? Let me know in the comments!

27 June 2014

Newbies: 4 amazing new polishes


I finally found some time to write this review. :)
From now on I will show you all my new purchases so I decided to give it a name: Newbies. All the new 'members' of my collection are newbies, so that's where the name came from. This post will be long, so be prepared.

First we have this glitter polish by 2B called Dazzling. It's a bit similar to the one from Essence (which I don't possess unfortunately). Here's the link to the nail art with this polish. I've only used it once, but I'm not very happy with it. Although it looks great, placement is needed and you really have to fish for the glitters. ( I have to say that I didn't hold it upside down before using it, so maybe that's the reason.)

I finally bought a neon polish! It's Orly's Fruity Pink Neon and I love it!

It's a bit more pink than the pictures suggest. Here I painted it on a layer of Pearly White (the last polish of this review) so that the colour bursts even more. Application was easy and the result is very summery. I definitely recommend this one!

Next we have Park Avenue's Crystal Blue. I needed a new light blue and this is the perfect replacement! You can never get enough of blue polishes!

This is the colour I used for the side effect nail art. Application is easy and again it looks awesome on your nails.

Last but not least we have Pearly White by Park Avenue. The name is chosen perfectly for this polish. It really has this pearly look. When you don't see how it shines, you would think it's just some white polish. I'll definitely use this one more often.

Can you see how beautifully it shines? :) So lovely!

That's all! Here's a list of the polishes you just saw a review of:
2B- Dazzling
Orly- Fruity Pink Neon
Park Avenue- Crystal Blue
Park Avenue- Pearly White

Well, what do you think? Any colour you would want?

23 June 2014

Polka dots for summer

I'm back with a new nail design. Actually there are two nail designs, but they are very similar. The one is one step further than the other one. You probably don't understand yet what I'm talking about, but you'll get it.
Here is the first design: There's no top coat, because I liked how it looked and I didn't know whether the actual plan would look as I imagined.

It looks awesome, doesn't it? (I'm really proud of my nails!)
And here's the second design. I just added smaller dots in the big white ones. The polish is actually a sand effect but you can't see/feel it, because of the top coat and because the dot isn't that big.

I also really like the gradient. I used Essie- Apple mint candy and O.P.I.- Amazon...Amazoff.
I made them on Friday and I still have it on. There are no chips whatsoever. Seche Vite really makes my life happier and easier! ;)

Well, which one do you like most?

20 June 2014

It's a side effect!


I finally finished my exams! Woehoew! :)
So I can start posting again more regularly. Today I'll be showing you a design I made with the new colours I mentioned last weekend. (the review is coming...)


Unfortunately it wasn't easy to take a good picture. The glitters were shining a lot and my camera couldn't really focus. The last picture I took the morning after I painted them.
This nail art doesn't look really special. In my head it looked awesome, though. However I like it, it's a bit different.

So what do you think?

17 June 2014

FIFA World Cup 2014 - Brazil


I suspect you all know which big event is taking place in Brazil for about a month. The World Cup started last week, but I managed to make some nail art this week. It's never really too late for a nail design, isn't it?

And here's a close-up of the Brazilian flag. I really liked how it turned out! It's official that I can't draw footballs. They look awful. I even had to start over on my index finger! Oh well, I guess practice is everything.
What do you think? Who are you cheering for?

14 June 2014

The fault in our stars!

Hello everybody,

As you may have seen, a lot of bloggers make TFIOS nails lately. And I'm a part of that bloggers! Today's nail art is inspired by the moving book, I read this week (I only needed two days because you can't stop reading!). I also had to finish it because yesterday I went to the premiere in my city. It was amazing! I can tell you the whole cinema was crying at the end of the movie! ;) Right before we went I made this nail design.
I wanted to draw something I haven't seen before and I think I found it. My inspiration came from a gif I saw on Tumblr, here's the link.

So, what do you think? Have you seen the movie or read the book yet? If I were you, I would definitely do that! :)

P.S.: Today I bought 4 new polishes (no matter I still have exams, oops!), so there will be a review soon... They are absolutely gorgeous!

12 June 2014

Father's Day nail art


How time-consuming can exams be? It's really exhausting! I'm so sorry I haven't posted something for almost a week, but I didn't have any material to show you. It was a long time-out for my nails as well.

Today, I finally found some time to make some nail art. I know it isn't Father's Day (it was last Sunday here in Belgium, but it's this Sunday in other countries), but there is this contest on Nailpolis and the prize is huge! You still have some time to enter if you wish. On the sidebar you can see my entry and the link to the contest. I wanted to make something special, but to be honest I had no inspiration. What can you draw about Father's day? Anyway, this is what I came up with!

All these words describe my dad! I added the tuxedo because I love it when my father wears a tuxedo. It does not happen very often. When I was little I used to call him my prince because he wore a tuxedo. :)

Enough about my dad. What do you think of the nail art?

8 June 2014

Elegant half moons

Hey all,

I'm back with a new design. It isn't something special, it's a basic design everyone should try! I'm talking about half moons, of course. I've done them before, but this time I used binder reinforcement labels. It's an easy way to achieve a good half moon, but it needs some adjustments afterwards. What I mean is that sometimes the polish goes beneath the labels and as a consequence the half moon isn't perfect anymore. I used a thin brush to make it better and after I put the top coat you couldn't see I've done something. I don't know if this is normal but I guess practice will help.

As you can see the clean up wasn't easy. Darker colours are harder to clean...
The colours I used are O.P.I. - Amazon...Amazoff and Park Avenue - Lemon Drop. This combination reminds a bit of the Brazilian flag. Maybe it's because of the FIFA World Cup! :)

So, What do you think? I would love to read your comments!

3 June 2014

Bzzzzzz - Bees!


When it's warm outside and you enjoy the heat, there's always that (sometimes) disturbing sound of bees. Today's nail art is inspired by these little creatures we couldn't live without. It's a very simple design because my exams are starting in two days and I will not have much time for nail art... We'll see how I will survive the next two weeks! But after that there's a long vacation!

What do you think? Do you also have exams coming?

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