30 May 2014

Follow Friday: One Nail To Rule Them All


Today's post is very special. Starting from today  I will post (almost) every Friday. In the post a blog(ger) I really admire will be put in the spotlight. Today that blog is One Nail To Rule Them All. I suppose you all know this blog (if not: shame on you!).

28 May 2014

Inspired by a skirt


Flowers, flowers, flowers! There are so many flower nail designs so you can never get enough of it! The one I'll show you today is one of my favourites. It was easier than I thought and it looks great! I wouldn't have come up with this design if I haven't bought the skirt! In the last picture you'll see the skirt too.

some close-ups!

As you can see the colours of the flowers are flowing into each other. I tried to do the same on my nails, but the colours are to similar to see it on the pictures. And they flew a little too much into each other. I will have to practice more on this technique because I liked it a lot!

What do you think? Let me know which flower design you like the most!

25 May 2014

It's cherry time!


It's that time of the year the market is full of cherries. Cherries are one of my favourite fruits. Today was the first time this year I ate a cherry and it tasted great! So it was kind of obvious I would make some nail art of it.
I combined cherry blossom with the actual result: cherries!

What do you think?

21 May 2014

Disco turtles


It's been a week since my last nail art post! Shame on me! ;)
But I'm back and I have a very cute design for you: turtle nail art! On May 23 it's World Turtle Day so I decided to make some nail art in advance. I thought it would be 'boring' to just make some average one colour turtles... So I came up with these disco turtles! Colourful turtles are so much fun!
I should give some credit to One nail to rule them all for the inspiration.

Do you like turtles too? You should really give it a try!

18 May 2014

DIY: some more earrings with nail polish


I finally found some time to show you the earrings I made in March. This post will be mainly pictures.

These are not all the earrings. I did some more with glitters, but with another background colour. Same for the crackle polish.
That's it for today. What do you think? Are there some earrings you would want? Let me know!

13 May 2014

Paris, je t'aime!


I've waited for this moment for a long time. Tomorrow I'm going to Paris with school and my nails had to be special of course. It's definitely not my first time in Paris, but it's always different when you're there with school and all of your friends.
So, the nail art. I didn't really know what to draw besides the Eiffel tower so this is the result. Also my thumb isn't perfect. The first time I wrote Paris je t'aime it was amazing, there was no imperfection. But then it smudged when I applied the top coat... I was too hasty. This is how it turned out the second time!

Well, how would your nails look like when you go to Paris?
p.s.: As I will be in Paris until the weekend, there will be no posts. I suppose the next post will be on Sunday or even after then.

11 May 2014

My new polishes! (2)


I'm back with the second part of my review.

First up is this trio from HerĂ´me. Unfortunately they don't have a name or a number... All colours needed two coats.


Next we have these gorgeous polishes from Park Avenue. On the left you see Lemon Drop and on the right is Plum. I really love Lemon Drop. The other one is also great, but it's darker than I expected. This is also 2 coats.

And last, but definitely not the least, we have these two amazing colours from O.P.I. The white one is Alpine Snow and the other one is Amazon...Amazoff. I am so happy with these two! This was two coats.

Well, this was it! Overall, I'm really amazed by the polishes. I'm going to wear them a lot!
Which one do you like the most?

10 May 2014

My new polishes!


There will be no new nail art in this post. I thought I should show you my new polishes. There are a lot to show so it will be in two posts. Here's a picture of everything that has to come! (There will be a lot of pictures too!)

These last three polishes I got for free. I was in a shoe store and if you bought a pair of shoes, you received this trio. So definitely a win-win situation! (their review will be in the second post!)

First up are the new Essie's. On the right you see the apricot cuticle oil. It's a very gentle oil which smells really good! On the right we have the famous Mint Candy Apple. This is such a gorgeous colour! Here I used 2 coats and no top coat. You've already seen this colour in my designs because I bought it before the challenge. There was no time then to review it and that's why I'm showing it now. I used this polish for my doodle flowers nail art.


Next we have these amazing colours from Rimmel London. On the left we have Funtime Fuschia. I used this one in my Barbie design so I won't review it here. It's a very bright colour which only needs 2 coats. It was, though, really difficult to take a good picture. The colour changed constantly!
On the right you see Rain rain go away. This is a  very nice nude polish. It's perfect for drawing persons. All the ones you've seen in the challenge are done with this colour. (Snow White, profiles) This was also 2 coats, though sometimes 1 coat is enough.


Here's another very bright colour. I really needed such a green polish and I'm happy with this one! This is NYC - High line green. It's surprisingly opaque so this is only 1 coat.

The last things are all from 2B cosmetics. I used the green velvet for my weather-nails in the 31 day challenge. The name of the dark brown nail polish is Dark chocolate. This too is 2 coats.


I had never bought nail stickers before in my life. I haven't tried them yet, but that will happen soon.
OK, that was all! Tomorrow you'll get the second part!

6 May 2014

Earth day


On April 22 it was Earth day. Because I was still doing the 31 day challenge I couldn't post this design. That's why I'm showing it now!

For those of you who don't really know how the continents look like: Africa (thumb), America (index), Europe (middle), Asia (ring and Australia (pinky).

Do you like it?

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