30 April 2014

Day 31: Fashion

This is the last post for the 31 day challenge... First I want to say that I really liked doing this. Of course I had some off-days, but I didn't regret doing this challenge. And I have to admit it actually challenged me! :) I can tell you now there will be more 31 day challenges in the future!
OK, back to today's nail art! I have this super-cute skirt ( a few years old, but still amazing) that I really love. I've always wanted to do some design inspired by this skirt so this was my chance!

It makes me so happy! Definitely perfect for springtime!

A lot of pictures, I know! I guess this was the best design I could make for the ending of this challenge! What do you think of this floral nail art?
I would really like to get some feedback about this challenge too, so don't hesitate and just let me know what you think!
Tomorrow there won't be a post, but I have some nail art planned for the following days! ;)

29 April 2014

Day 30: History

We're near the end of this challenge and that's why we have to look back. We have to go back to the era of the Egyptians and the Greek. We should make a stop in the Middle Ages, although those are my least favourite centuries, and take a look at the knights. Next we should celebrate all the great inventions that made our lives easier. But we shouldn't forget all the wars. There were a lot in the past and unfortunately they still exist...
In this introduction I mentioned all the things you should recognise in my nail art. Some imagination will be needed! ;)

What do you think is an important element from the history that I forgot?

28 April 2014

Day 29: Traffic

So, again this wasn't an easy theme. What can you draw that has to do something with traffic? I didn't have much time so I went for something easy and not time consuming. We all know the orange traffic cones the road workers use when they have to demarcate an area. Well, that's what I used for my nail art!

What do you think?

27 April 2014

Day 28: Profession

The design I will show you today is really awesome. I inspired it by some other nail art I saw on Tumblr, but the problem is I can't find anymore... If someone knows what I'm looking for, please let me know. I really want to give credit to this person!

UPDATE (April 30): I found who did this design first! I was just looking around the designs I like on Nailpolis and jumped in to this one. I was so happy when I saw it! Here's the link to the original nail art!

So, the profession I picked was  a wall painter. I woke up this morning and bam that's what I thought of. (Still pretty happy with my choice!)

It's easy, but it does make it special. I hope you like it as much as I do! :)

26 April 2014

Day 27: Science


I just searched on Google 'science' and found a little picture of different things which have something to do with science. That's what I used for my nail art.

How would your science nail art look like?

25 April 2014

Day 26: People

After I did the old lady in the fairytale of Snow White, I decided to make some more people in side view. At the end I added a little message for all of you!

What do you think?

24 April 2014

Day 25: Magazine

The magazine I used as my inspiration source was Nail It!. Two days ago I received the latest issue and I liked the nail art on the cover. So actually what I'll show you today, is inspired by the cover of the magazine. Unfortunately I should warn you it looks awful (in my opinion...)! I worked with striping tape and therefore had to wait some time, but I didn't wait enough... I was so angry in the end that I decided to leave it that way. I just didn't have time! School is to blame. I have to admit I'm happy this challenge is almost over.

Well, What do you think?

23 April 2014

Day 24: Perfume

Perfume, Perfume... It definitely isn't something you would think of for nail art. Yet, I challenged myself and actually I was surprised how 'easy' it was. I had quite some inspiration and here's the result!
The perfume I chose is Dior's Miss Dior chérie. It's actually an old one, but I liked the advertisement a lot. That's where my inspiration came from.

I tried a new type of roses. These are more swirly. Do you like them?

22 April 2014

Day 23: Building

I didn't have much time today. School just started again and I have already a lot to do. We have to look on the bright side because summer is coming closer and it's already great weather!
For today's theme I chose something easy and quick. The building I picked is the Orange Cube in Lyon, France.

It's pretty orange, don't you think? :)

21 April 2014

Day 22: City

The city of my choice was London. My goal was to represent the famous city icons as simple as possible. I think I did well. :)

In case you don't know what I draw: the Tower bridge, London eye, Underground, Big Ben and a red telephone booth.
What do you think? Have you ever been in London?

20 April 2014

Day 21: Easter

Happy Easter, everyone!

I hope you'll have a wonderful day! Here's some nail art to keep you in the festive mood!

You probably have seen it on my blog already. I made it last week so I could enter at the Easter contest on Nailpolis. But here's the actual post with it.
What do you think?

19 April 2014

Day 20: Fairytale

I really didn't make it easy for myself! When I was creating this challenge it sounded all reasonable and not that time consuming. Well, I thought wrong. Today's design is an example for that.
The fairytale I chose as my inspiration source is Snow White. It was definitely my favourite when I was a little kid.

On my thumb you see the magical mirror of the Evil Queen. Next you see Snow White's dress and Snow White herself. (I really don't like how she turned out...) On my ring finger I drew the Evil Queen as an old lady. And last we have the poisoned apple. ( I'm really proud with the old lady and the apple!)

What do you think?

18 April 2014

Day 19: Childhood

Hello everyone,
For today's post I had to travel back in time and think about everything that I played with as a child. As a result of this, I ended up with Barbie. Mainly thanks to my sister, I played a lot with Barbie dolls.
For the design I used a new colour that I bought today and you'll get a review of after the 31dc. Unfortunately the colour doesn't look the same on the pictures. It's a fuchsia bright colour in reality.

Were you too a big fan of Barbie? What do you think of my design?

17 April 2014

Day 18: Landscape

I've always wanted to do a palm trees design! This seemed like the perfect moment to do so. I can't really give credits to one person for this idea because there are so many great designs out there! I tried to do my own thing so lets see.

 (Yes, I had an awful wound! It was even bleeding while I was doing the nail art. Please don't look at it. If that's even possible!)

I'm so proud of my nails! It's such a shame I can only have them on me for approximately one day!
What do you think?

16 April 2014

Day 17: Country

It seemed a bit logical to me to choose Belgium today.

Belgium is this little country on the West coast of Europe. I chose to draw the things people know Belgium for. For example the chocolate (pinkie), the beer (ring finger) and the French Fries (index finger). Of course there's more than just food and beer in Belgium. On the middle finger you see the Atomium, which was built for Expo '58.


I hope you've learnt something new! It's maybe not on your have-to-see-list, but it's definitely worth your visit!
What do you think?

15 April 2014

Day 16: Film

For today's theme I chose to make Up-inspired nails.
I like the effect of all the dots on a full nail. I think I might use it in another future design.

Do you also like this design?

14 April 2014

Day 15: Song

This was also a difficult one! How can you make nail art inspired by a song? How can I do this to myself! ;)
After a lot of thinking, I went for Noah and the whale-L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N.
It has 10 letters, so that was just perfect. For the background I wanted something nice, but simple. This is the result!

This rainbow ombre is so cool! It looks awesome, but the only problem is the cleaning afterwards... You can see I had a hard time cleaning around the cuticles. It was a good exercise, though. I'm working on it!
What do you think?

13 April 2014

Day 14: Book

Hi everyone!
It wasn't as easy as I first thought it would be to find a book. There are a lot of good books, of course, but I wanted something simple that I could copy. Eventually I chose Captain Corelli's Mandolin
It's a really moving book and definitely worth your attention. There's also a movie based on this novel, in case you haven't seen it yet.
The nail art was inspired by the paperback. Be prepared, there are a lot of pictures in this post!

It's probably not the best I could do, but it still really cute.
What do you think?

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