31 December 2013

Matte vs. shiny dots


Here's the last New Year's inspiration post. If you're wearing a plane black dress, this is the perfect look for your nails.
I've always wanted to try something like this. The result was great, but the pictures can't really show it... Also, try to overlook the black polish on my cuticles please. This polish was hard to remove with a brush.

I hope you can see the nail art good enough.
I used three different sizes of dotting tools. Two nails have dots everywhere, the dots on the other three go till the middle.
You probably have already enough inspiration for tonight, but I still haven't. When I decide I'll post it the next few days.
Have a great day/night!

30 December 2013

White chevron tips!


The nail art I'll show you today is very cute and perfect if you want a quick, but nice nail design for New Year's Eve. Once again you can see that I love chevron looks. It's so easy and on the other hand very edgy.
This wasn't what I had first in mind. Eventually this looked better so I left it that way. I was experimenting with chevron because I was thinking to make this my design for New Year. The problem is that I still don't know what to wear so everything will be decided last minute! I'll keep you updated.

Do you have enough inspiration for tomorrow? There's one more design I want to show before the big night! :)

29 December 2013

Extreme ruffian à la moi!


Today's design is a must for rectangular nails! The extreme ruffian is actually pretty difficult to do free handed, nevertheless I tried and I think I did a good job! ;)
In my opinion you can only achieve a good look if you choose a dark or bright colour for the moon. Of course the two colours should match.
I chose to combine a bright pink with pastel blue. First I was thinking about pastel purple, but that didn't look great. If you want to try this, I'm advising you to test it on some paper first. Like this you'll be sure the colours are a good combination.

on the two following pictures you can see why it's called extreme. (it goes to the tips)

This is THE perfect nail design if you're wearing some bright colours for New Year's Eve!
There are two more designs to come until the new year... Can't wait! :)

28 December 2013

Silver tips for a special night!

Hello again!

Here's as promised my second post for today. :)
This design probably reminds you of another one I made this summer. It was again with silver and white only then there were silver half moons. If you don't remember anymore, here's the link!

I also want to mention that this looks great with black (instead of white). Now you have some ideas if you will be wearing a black or white dress! And maybe some silver accessories for the finishing touch. :)

I'll be back tomorrow!

Festive glitter ombre nails


This nail design was planned for yesterday only I didn't have time, so today you'll get two posts! :)
I've always wanted to do a glitter ombre. It looks great and especially for such a feast! (The only disadvantage is taking it off your nails...)
Also, I'm sorry for the picture. All that sparkle reflects.

The base colour is actually dark purple. For the glitter I used two kinds of glitter: the one is really small and the other one is bigger and with less glitters.

I hope you like it!

26 December 2013

Glitter half moons


Here's the first New Year design. There's a lot of glitter coming up! At the end you'll have enough ideas for the long night.
First up is the glitter half moon.

Tomorrow you'll see more glitter!

25 December 2013

Merry Christmas!

Hohoho! :) Merry Christmas, everyone!

Yesterday I told that this will be the cutest design ever and I hope  didn't let you down. ;) I did this a few weeks ago , but I just kept it for this special day. Enjoy!

It's a short post because I'm sure that you have better things to do (and me too)!
See you tomorrow!

24 December 2013

It's the Gingerbread Man!


It's almost Christmas Eve! It's tradition in our family that the table is full with a lot of food. So I decided to post this gingerbread nail art today.

Tomorrow will be the last Christmas post. I've prepared a very cute design for Christmas. I hope you like it! See you then!

23 December 2013

Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer


You probably all know Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer. Well, this post is all about him! :)
Last year I did a design similar to this one. The only difference is the reindeer on the ring finger. Let's have a look!

Don't you think it's really cute? ;)

22 December 2013

Elf nails for Christmas!


Christmas is coming closer! :)
I was surprised how much designs I could come up with when I think of Christmas. When I see nail art by others on Tumblr or Pinterest it even gets more. Now I have enough inspiration for a lot of Christmases! ;)

When you see these nails you won't automatically think of an elf. At least I didn't. But it was my goal so... However, it turned out great!

First I did the elf itself and afterwards I was wondering what I should do on the other nails. I thought that a themed French manicure would look great and here it is!

So what do you think?

21 December 2013

The winter came?

Today the winter is supposed to start. Unfortunately it's still pretty warm and there will be no snow for the holidays. :( So maybe this design will help. Two years ago I was wearing this design on Christmas. Not this one of course because my skills weren't so good back then. I remember it was very difficult for me to make the broom and the hat with the original thick brush of the polish. But I did succeed and it was one of the first designs of which I took a picture.
Now I have dotting tools and thin brushes so it is easier to recreate. Let's have a look.

With this gif you really feel the winter, don't you? ;)

Yes, I added some subtle sparkles. Apparently they don't like pictures... :(
What do you think of my snowman?

Oh, I almost forgot! As promised I will start posting every day until New Year's Eve. I have some amazing designs waiting for you!

18 December 2013

Candy cane for Christmas + tutorial


I have more Christmas nails for you! This time it's something you want to eat. Candy canes!
It's not my best shot for candy canes because the curved lines aren't like this in reality. Nevertheless, I used it so I can variate and this is my result!
There's a tutorial after this pic.

Here are the steps:
1. Paint 4 nails in white and 1 in a nude colour.

2. Using a striping brush, draw a white candy cane on the nude colour. On the other nails you draw 4 curved lines.

3. The last step is to fill in between the lines with some red polish. Draw thin stripes on the candy cane. Don't forget the top coat!

Doesn't it look delicious? ;)

16 December 2013

Falling snowflakes


Here's a winter-themed design that I really love. It's so sad that it won't be a white Christmas in Belgium. There's still o snow and it's really warm for this time of the year. Nevertheless, I wore these nails for a couple of days just to be in a cosy, wintry mood.
Also today was my last exam so I"ll have more time for my blog! :) Suddenly I have a lot of inspiration, so hopefully you'll love it as much as I do.

Are you waiting for the snow to fall? Let me know!

14 December 2013

Presents for Christmas +tutorial


This week's Christmas design is a cute present nail art. It's very easy so I made a tutorial.

And here's the tutorial:

1. Put some base coat on your nails. when it's dry, you take a piece of tape and put it carefully in the middle of your nail.
2. Paint your nails with the chosen colours.
3. Take of the tape when you think the polish is dry.
4. Now take a gold striper and draw a cross on the coloured  area.
5. The last step is to draw two ovals and two lines in the middle. This represents the bow. Don't forget to seal in your design with a top coat!

Do you agree it's easy? :)

10 December 2013

Shine like the sun


Today is a sunny day in Belgium, so this nail art is very appropriate. I did this in the summer, but when I think about it it's also festive and a great look for New Year. As I mentioned New Year I will now tell you that the days between Christmas an New Year's Eve I will post festive and glittery designs. :) I really want to do this so I hope you like it too!

Now about this nail art. As I already told you I made this design this summer. I had just bought some new polishes from Sephora and combined them. This peachy colour is wonderful! I truly love it. Then we have the glittery top coat. Also amazing. You don't have to place the glitters at all!
Here are some pics.

Now you have some inspiration for the holidays. :)

7 December 2013

No Christmas without a Christmas tree


I'm back with my second Christmas-themed design. This time it's a Christmas tree. In my opinion that's a very important part of the holidays.
As you can see I made these without a background colour. I have a tutorial for you after the pictures.

And here's my tutorial:

1. Put a basecoat on your nails. When it's completely dry you put some tape to outline the Christmas tree. Like this you'll have a very smooth and straight line.
2. Paint your nails green.
3. When you think it's dry, but not yet completely dry, take off the tape. Be careful not to take off the basecout with it.
4. Make a yellow dot on the top using a dotting tool. This will be the star on your tree.
5. Choose a glitter polish and make a zigzag line on the tree. Don't forget to put some topcoat!
Here you go! Was this tutorial useful?

Here is one more picture of the result! I really love these trees. Do you too?

3 December 2013

All stars nail art + tutorial

Hello there!

Today I'm going to show you a very cute design. This nail art is inspired by Converse all stars.
There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube for this nail art, but I decided to make one of my own. :)

Here are the steps:
1. Paint your nails with some bright colours. ( You can also variate with some patterns or glitter...)
2. Make six black dots with a dotting tool.
3. Make the tips of your nails white. This part should be bigger than when yo make a French manicure.
4. Connect the dots by drawing 2 white crosses.
5. When the white tips are completely dry, you make a thin black line. This should be somewhere in the middle. Don't forget to top coat it!
(Steps 2 and 3 can be switched.)

Here you go! What do you think of this nail art tutorial?

1 December 2013

Christmas lights

Hi everyone,

December just started and that means that I have some Christmas designs for you!
I'll do it the same way as Halloween. Only this time it will end sooner...
Every week I'll post one Christmas design. The last 5 days before Christmas I'm going to post every day. There will be a tutorial every now and then.
Besides these designs I'll keep posting as regular as possible. This Wednesday my exams will start and they end Monday 16th. So I'll do my best but my blog won't be my priority during that period. ;)

I did this design last year for Christmas. I love Christmas lights because they give this cosy feeling when it's already dark outside.
It's super easy. As you can see I did it on both hands. :)
Maybe I'll make a tutorial this next few weeks...

Do you like my first Christmas design?

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