28 September 2013

Skyline nails

Hello everyone!

First I want to say that I was surprised how much positive feedback I got for my galaxy nails. For those who don't know what I'm talking about, go to see my previous post.
OK, now it's time for a new design. This one turned out really great. I was just trying my new blue when I came up with this idea. Then I also wanted to try my new glitter top coat so that became the stars in the sky. (They're not so visible because of the flash.) The moon was my finishing touch!
Here are some pictures:

What do you think? Can you recognise a city skyline?
Hope you'll enjoy it!

26 September 2013

My first galaxy nails ever!

The design I'll show you today is really one of my favourite! I just can't describe how much I love it and how proud I am with my first galaxy nails ever. I'm sure that you'll see more galaxies on this blog! ;) It's so popular at the moment that I just had to try it out. I really don't regret it at all.
Here are some pics to enjoy:

I know it isn't perfect. I'm happy with the result though. Originally I made the stars with glow in the dark polish. Unfortunately I couldn't take a good photo of it because the stars are to small... It was really magical in the dark!

Do you think my galaxy nails are awesome? Next time I'll make them even more awesome! :)

22 September 2013

Autumn here we come!

Hi everyone!

With this design I'm officially starting the autumn. This season isn't my favourite but it has a lot of possibilities for nail art because of the colours. I hope I can surprise you with a nice autumn design you'll try.
So here's the first one!

This one isn't particularly for autumn. I just used that kind of colours.
It's a very easy technique. I think you'll see more of this design in the future on my blog. :)
Will you give it a try?

17 September 2013

Fly like a butterfly!


This design is really cute. You can variate a lot.
The ones I made are super-easy. There are so much different butterfly designs I want to try! I'll start with the easiest and we'll build it up...


Kids really love this nail art. So what do you think?

15 September 2013

Levitation photo shoot


A while ago I told you to expect something that is not nail art so here it is! This blog is not only about nail art. I post everything I like to do in my free time. Most of it is nail art because I have time for that. Another thing I like is photography. Mostly I'm the one in the pictures and my sister is the photographer. This summer we did a levitation photo shoot also with another friend of ours. It was really fun to do! :) Hopefully we'll do it again some time. OK, lets see some pictures...

I find it very interesting how you can create this illusion that it's reality. I think it looks amazing!
What's your opinion? Do you want to see more photography on this blog?
Let me know what you think!

P.S.: Now you can also follow me on Pinterest! I have two boards for now: 'Nails become art' and 'Click some photography'.
I also have Instagram but it's still empty. Soon I'll start posting there as well. There is a link to it on the right side. Don't forget to check it out!

11 September 2013

Cut it in pieces!

Hello everyone!

I really love the nail art I'm showing you today! In my opinion I succeeded in making the scissors!
Let's have a look at the design:

It's also very easy to make. the short stripes I did with a dotting tool. For the scissors I used a thin striper. First I made a cross and made the lines a bit thicker. Afterwards I put some dots on the other end. And at last: smaller white dots.

Well, I truly hope you like it and will definitely try it!

8 September 2013

Cupcakes: yummie! (+tutorial)


The end of the summer is coming closer and I thought that cupcakes would look great to celebrate that! Don't you think they look delicious?
I have a tutorial ready for you after the picture.

OK, so here is the tutorial!
1. Paint your nails with a nude colour.
2. Choose a bright colour for the cups. Paint a bit more than only your tips with this colour.
3. Now you have a choice. You can take a glitter polish and paint a half circle with it. Or you can take one colour and put some dots on it.
4. Next you take a big dotting tool and make big dots where the colours come together.
5. Now you make the lines on the cups. You can do this with a smaller dotting tool or with a striper.
6. Don't forget to top coat it!

That's all you have to do to achieve this amazing look. You can also combine different colours as I did.
Hope you like it and try it!

5 September 2013

Android nails


The nail art I'll show you today is inspired by android (as you can see).



I found it difficult to make the Android-man. But that doesn't stop me from making it better next time! ;)
Is it close enough to reality?

2 September 2013

Back to school nails!

Hello again!

Did you also start school today? I guess it wasn't easy to get up so early. ;)
The nails I'll show you will hopefully cheer you up!

I have a lot of pictures to show you!
The links I'll give you are some tutorials. I based my design on them.
For the pinkie I used a tutorial by cutepolish. Also for the ring finger I watched a video of her. ( I hope you can see that it's a pencil...)
You won't need a tutorial for my middle finger, I guess. We'll skip that one.
The design on my forefinger is inspired by another video. I did change something though. I added a label. Here are the 2 easy steps for the label. Paint a white rectangle on your nail and then just make some curly black lines.
And the last finger is my thumb. The chalkboard is very easy. First you paint your nails black ( dark green is also possible). The next step is to write whatever you want. When it's all dry, you just finish it with a matte top coat and you're ready!
Here are some more picture:

What do you think? Is this a good start for the year?
I hope you guys have a good time at school and I"ll see you soon!
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