31 July 2013

Sparkling half


I really don't know how to call these. I wanted to try my new glitter polish and this is the result! It was hard to come up with a design. I didn't have much time and didn't want to spend much time on it too.
When I was ready everyone who saw it, loved it. So what about you? :)
Here are some pics.

There are 3 easy steps that you have to do if you want this design on your nails.
1. Paint your nails with the background colour.
2. Draw the white line.
3. Fill one side with your glitter polish.
That's how easy it is.
Probably you don't need a tutorial for that. :) I just wanted to write something more because all my posts lately are very short. There's not much to tell anyway! ;)

Do you like this design?

30 July 2013

Bows and dots

Hello everyone!

Here is a simple and easy way to make bows. It looks very cute on your fingers too. But I do think I should have used other colours.

Let me know what you think! :)

27 July 2013

Hot air balloons

Hi everyone!

In today's post I'll show you some new nail art. I really think it's cute!
Here is a picture of the nail art:

Can you recognise the hot air balloons? ;)
Here are some extra pictures.

I can assure you it isn't difficult but it does take some time.
That's it for today!

24 July 2013

Adorable Accessories: tricolore earrings


I'm back with some earrings! ;)
First a picture of the inspiration source: (The colours do not look the same in reality.)

And now I'll show you the result on my nails!

I started with the light green. Next I took my gold nail art pen and made the curls. Then I filled the spaces in with a dotting tool. The last step was to go over the golden lines again.

I was really surprised at the end. The combination of the colours is really nice. It turned out to be very successful!
Definitely worth trying! :)

23 July 2013

Sand and waves


Here's some nail art I want to show you. And yet again I didn't make it on my own nails but on my sister's. The reason behind it is that I had a design on my nails and didn't want to erase it.
So here are some pictures!

What do you think? Will you be trying it some time?

22 July 2013

Sand effect and some French manicure with it!

Hello everyone!

Here's today's nail art.

It's very cute and super easy! :)
Here's a picture of the nail polish alone. I really liked the result.

And here are some more pictures. ;)
I don't have much time now to write more...

See you soon!

20 July 2013

Inspiration from a dress 3


It's been a week or so since my last post. I'm so sorry! :( I didn't had Internet nor time (again).
I did this nail art on the nails of my mother. This was also done last summer.
As you can see my inspiration came from a dress. The only thing that I regret is the difference in the two greens.

I only used the colours of the dress (and not even all of them). So the pattern/sequence of the colours isn't the same.
When I did this nail art, I didn't posses a thin brush. This shows again that it's possible without brushes.

Hope you'll try it some time.

9 July 2013

Some daisies and dots...


This design came out really bad but I just liked the idea very much so I decided to post it anyway.
The combination of the flowers and the dots is really good. The one thing that really annoys me is the background colour. It's too dark for the white daisies. Anyway, it looks great on your nails!

So that's my opinion. What do you think?

Sorry I haven't posted a lot the last 2 weeks but I didn't had much Internet nor time to post/make some nail art. You'll have to wait a bit until my inspiration comes back. ;) The 2 next weeks will be also less productive...

7 July 2013

Farm landscape??


I did this design last summer but the picture is good enough so I decided to use it now. :)
My inspiration came from Ben & Jerry's ice but as you can see it doesn't look much like it. Let's call it a farm landscape...

You don't need a thin brush for this. I didn't had one when I made them so that's definitely some proof.
Enjoy doing them!

2 July 2013

Tribal triangles


It's been a while since I posted the last triangles design. ;)
What I'm showing today is very difficult to describe. What would you call it? It has something tribal because of the combination of the triangles with the stripes.

First I had planned to put some stripes on both triangles but my nails were too small...
I'm not really a fan of this nail art because you can't see the colours very good on the black background.

Well, I hope you like it more than I do!

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