29 June 2013

Magnet nails

Today's post isn't something special. It's just a technique which was at his highest last summer.
So here is a picture. There is no explanation needed. ;)

You can variate in magnets. some just make stripes, others curly lines or something else.
Worth it to add to your collection.

28 June 2013

Party nails!


Today I'll show you a design I really love. It's different and actually easy because you can variate a lot.
The only thing you need is nail lacquer remover or thinner and some bright colours.

As you can see every nail is different. I think I used 5 different colours and one of them was gold. This way you have something shiny.
I hope you'll try it some time.

25 June 2013

Adorable Accessories: Watermelon earrings - the tutorial

Hello everyone!
This post goes with the previous one. Because it was a long post, I decided to put the tutorial in a new one which you can see here! ;)

First a picture of the nail art I'm talking about:

I wanted to add a picture with all the steps but there was a problem uploading it, so now you'll have to do it without.

UPDATE! (6/6/14)
Almost one year later I found some time to make a picture for the tutorial! I even made a gif out of it. Enjoy!

And now the tutorial (finally)!

1. Paint your nails red.
2. Use a dotting tool or a thin brush to make the green outlining.
3. Make black stripes with a dotting tool or again with a thin brush.
And now you're done!

It's an easy design and doesn't take much time. So definitely worth trying!

22 June 2013

Adorable Accessories: Watermelon earrings

It's been a while since I've posted an accessory. So here it is!
I've waited with this design until it got warmer so now is the perfect time! :)
First a picture of the earrings.

And now I'll show you the real work.

Here's a picture of both! Can you see the resemblance?

This design isn't difficult. I would have wanted the green outlining to be thinner. It makes my nails look really small and round which isn't really the case.
This post is getting too long so the tutorial will come in a new one.
Hope you like it! :)

19 June 2013

Summer must: strawberries in chocolate! Mmm...

Hey everyone,
What can be more delicious than eating strawberries covered with chocolate on a warm summer day? I guess it doesn't exist! ;)

It's very easy and doesn't take much time.
1. First you wash the strawberries (duh) and also dry them very carefully. ( I recommend to take big strawberries because it's easier.)
2. Melt 100 gr of fondue chocolate in the microwave until it's fluid enough.
3. Dip the strawberries in the chocolate, but be careful so you don't let them fall in the chocolate. ;)
4. Put them on a sheet of baking paper and leave them for at least 30 minutes until the chocolate is fully hardened.

VoilĂ ! Not so hard.
It's just like in the movies!
Enjoy it! :)

16 June 2013

Blue stairs

It was very difficult to find a proper name for this nail art. I hope I succeeded in finding a good one.
The nail design is a bit weird, I know. Still, I think it has something charming, something elegant. Don't you think? ;)

 I like the effect on my thumb. I guess it will also look good if the whole nail is decorated with those stripes. What's your opinion? Will you try it some time?

14 June 2013

half dotted, half purple/pink design

Hello there!
I think this design is very cute. What do you think?

You can variate in colours and it isn't so difficult. But you will need some time.

12 June 2013

Stripes in different directions

My inspiration for this design came from something I saw on tumblr.
It's a lot of fun making them and you can't do anything wrong, I think.

Will you be making these? ;)

9 June 2013

Crackle jungle

Hi everyone!
In this post you'll see a very easy technique for your nails. It's very popular. So a tutorial isn't really necessary. :)

There are only two steps to achieve this effect:
1. Choose your background colour
2. and paint your nails with the crackle nail polish.

Very easy, as I said! Have fun with it.

6 June 2013

Modern French manicure with gradient dots

Today's nail art is similar to the one with the purple dots. As you can see, those are not my hands. A friend of mine really loved the other design and wanted something like it. This is the result. It's a gradient from black to grey and the dots also get smaller.

Do you also love this design?

2 June 2013

Black and white triangles

I'm back with some nail art. ;)
As you can see it's triangles, again. I don't know why I keep making them... It's just so much fun and you can make a lot of variations.
It's a very easy design. I only spent 20 minutes in total (drying included) for one hand which isn't much in my experience. I also didn't had much time because I had to go somewhere so it had to be easy and quick.

What I really like about this design are the black and white triangles on this bright background colour. The effect is really nice.
What do you think? (Next post won't be with triangles...)
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