30 May 2013

Purple tribal pattern

Hi everyone!
Today I will show you some tribal nail art. Nowadays so many people make this. So I made it too. :)

I tried to make all my nails different. It wasn't easy because there aren't a lot of possibilities. :)
So what do you think?

27 May 2013

First outfit on the blog!

Hi everyone!
This post isn't nail art as you can see. It actually goes with the last post: Indian triangles.
The outfit is inspired by Native Americans as you can see.
The skirt I'm wearing is from Zara. It's combined with a white normal top. Maybe it's not so clear, but I'm wearing a necklace. Not only one, but many. All turned backwards to create this effect of one thick necklace.
My hair is also very complicated. :) You can see two fishtail braids and also two little braids in front (to keep my short hair out of my face). And last, but not least: I'm wearing feather earrings.

Do you like the outfit? :)

24 May 2013

Indian triangles

Today I'll show you some more nail art!

I did this design a while ago but then I used red instead of orange. This is much brighter than the first one.


 It isn't difficult. I only used thin brushes because I didn't dare to do it otherwise. :)
See you soon!

21 May 2013

From green to blue to purple! (+tutorial)

I don't know how to call these... I was just experimenting and I really loved the result. The second picture is with a mattifying top coat. In both pictures the ombre nails are matte. In my opinion they look better when they're matte.

If you want to know how to make them, here are the steps:
1. Paint all of your nails white.
2. Put a second white coat on the nails with the dots. For the ombre nails it isn't necessary.
3a. First make big dots in the three colours and add afterwards smaller dots between them.
3b. Put the three colours on a sponge in the same order as the dots. Sponge on your nails.
4. Put a top coat (shine or matte).
Et voilĂ !

Have fun making and wearing them. :)

17 May 2013

Modern French manicure with polka dots

This nail design is so much fun! :)
I was inspired by the classic French manicure, but I wanted to do it with a dark colour. So I chose purple (because it's my favourite). Some time ago I saw a picture on Tumblr with something like this and I really loved it. I had to try it and here's my result!

First I put a base coat. When it was dry, I made the French manicure and the last step was to take two sizes of dotting tools and make the dots. :)

Hope you like it!

15 May 2013

Adorable Accessories: Black & White bracelets (+ tutorial)

Here is the second post of my new project! Today's inspiration is a combination of bracelets. They were bought together and you should wear them as one.

 And here's what I made with their pattern.


This time I added some pictures to the tutorial. 

1. Paint 2 of your fingers white and the others black.
2. Take the biggest dotting tool you have and make dots on 2 of the 3 black nails.
3.For the white design I used a technique of Cutepolish. To see how to make it, follow this link. She uses dental floss to create this special effect. I really like how it looks messy. When i did it, the black stripes were to thick so I corrected them with white stripes. This made them look messier. :)

I hope you can now achieve this nail art yourself.

12 May 2013

Easy flowerdesign (+tutorial)

Hello everyone!
Today's nail art is not difficult. These flowers are not complicated and don't take much time.
Here are some pics.

Here's how to make them:
1. Paint your nails green. I used green to compare it with grass.
2. Use a thin brush to outline the flowers and put a dot in the middle.
3. Fill it in with any colour you want.
VoilĂ ! You're ready! :)

10 May 2013

Let's go Oriental!

When I did this manicure I was thinking about the Middle East. It just reminds of all the colourful clothes they wear. Do you agree?

 (don't look at the wound on mu thumb. :( It's a bad habit of mine.)

The background is a gradient from white to yellow to red. (it looks like pink in reality ;) )
Before I did the golden curls, I put a top coat. After the curls I put a second top coat.

I really like this nail art although it isn't my style. I know it's very bright but it must be that way!
What's your opinion: too bright or not?

8 May 2013

Adorable Accessories: Moustache earrings

This post is launching a new project I'm starting. The name already says a bit... I'll be making nail art inspired by accessories. Feel free to send me some of your accessories which you want to see here! An accessory is very little but so important and that's what I want to show.
I love earrings and I have a lot so you will be seeing a lot of posts with earrings. ;)
And now finally the real stuff!


The moustaches aren't always centred on my nail! Oops! ;)
These are the earrings I used as inspiration to make this nail art:

The background colour isn't really the same but I think it's close enough.
Would you want to wear it together or does it get too much? share your thoughts with me in the comments! :)

p.s.: And what do you think about this project?

5 May 2013

On the Edge of Blue (+ tutorial)

Hi everyone,
The nail art in this post is just some inspiration. It isn't difficult but you need to stay calm and have patience.

This time I will tell you how to make it!
1. Paint your nails white and let it dry.
2. Take a thin brush and make the line (with the other colour. here it's in blue) where the colours will come together. You don't have to do it very carefully because you will paint over this line anyway.
3. Fill one side of the line with the other colour you chose.
4. The last step is to take a dotting tool and make dots on the borderline with a darker colour.
Here you go!
I hope you like it! :)

2 May 2013

Inspiration from a clutch

As the school year is almost at its end, the proms and other events are starting. This clutch is just for that kind of events. ( it's from last years collection of Zara)

I really like the combination of the three colours so I had to do some nail art about it. And this is the result:

On the picture beneath this text, you can see the nail art next to the clutch so you can see the similarities.

After I took the pictures, I thought it will also look great if it's matte. Here's a look of the matte version!

Do you think it's better matte or shiny?
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