29 April 2013

Triangles all around

Today's post is again nail art. :)
This design I did a long time ago but the pictures aren't that bad so I decided to use them anyway.
There's another picture with a close-up of my thumb.

I used a thin brush to do the lines. I did my thumb row after row. Like this you can work more precisely.
What do you think?

p.s.: In May I will start with something new! I will be launching two new projects and start posting other things. Hope you'll enjoy it!

25 April 2013

Inspiration from a dress 2

Hello again!
Today's post is nail art inspired by another dress of mine. I used less colours on my nails than the actual dress and that's because otherwise it gets too much. First I tried with more colours and I really didn't like it! So this is what it eventually got.

The last picture is with the dress as background. Are my nails close enough to the reality?
Hope you like it!

21 April 2013

Inspiration from a dress

This design was inspired by a dress of mine.
This time I used a dotting tool: a bigger one for the bigger dots and a smaller one for the rest. Here are some pictures of my nails and one of the pattern of my dress. :)

It's a very easy design. If you don't have a dotting tool, a toothpick works just fine.
Enjoy doing them! :)

17 April 2013

Music from an iPod

I really love this one! Especially my thumb. The concept of a classic iPod is just so nice and definitely not difficult.
I won't say a lot of good things about the rest of my nails... It could have been better. It was the first time I tried it so it was an experiment ( but I'm actually a little proud of them, too).
On the screen of the iPod, I put some glow in the dark polish so that it would glow of course, but I couldn't take a good picture of it. I'm sorry for that but I will try it with another design and will show it to you!
What do you think about this post?

12 April 2013

Vintage roses - my favourite

This design is my favourite. I once saw it on youtube and just had to try it. There's a link below to the tutorial of cutepolish on youtube.
I love the roses so much because it's abstract and you don't have to do them very carefully. ( don't get me wrong: you will have to do it with patience)
I've done this design so many times and I just love it even more! :)

I chose to make the roses only on two fingers but I think it'll also be beautiful if you do them all.
What do you think? Only two fingers or maybe all?
And here's the link as promised!

9 April 2013

First post! Let's start with some flowers :)

My first post on the blog! Wow, I'm so excited! I hope you will be too. :)
The inspiration for my first post is my blog itself. The nail art is based on the background of the blog.

It wasn't difficult to do them. I used a thick brush and just spread the polish in the form of a flower.
I hope you like them (and my blog)! :)
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